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- winoweenie - 05-11-2003

This oft maligned producer occassionally comes up with some super juice. My first brush was his 78 which I put on a VERY high plane calling 2 of my favorite 78s the "Hills Bros"...William Hill and Volcanic Hill (Diamond Creeks). This 96 doesn't hit that lofty niche but has evolves into an extremely enjoyable drink. Like most 96s it took a while to shed the tannins but from the deep ruby color and black fruits on the nose to a smooth entry ,nice cewnter palate feel, and a fairly long 3-lapper finish this is very enjoyable. More structured than the regular bottling this still has another 1-3 ro completely shed oits' remaining tannins. Have its' 97 version sitting up for tomorrow. 88/88 28 by the box.WW

- winoweenie - 03-31-2004

Opened the last bottle of this last nite. Nothing new to report except that IMHO this bottling wont improve and could start down the ole road to the salad bar in the next year so drink up. WW

- Drew - 03-31-2004

I've always enjoyed their Merlot.