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- winoweenie - 12-19-2008

it was Steve Ws turn to bring the juice and in his usual cautious, conservative manner for the 6 assembled imbibers he only brought 16 bottles. As most of the afternoon is a blur I can only recount somewhere around the 1st 6-8. I do remember he insisted on my trying an Italian Amarone which was extremely tasty. Twere a 90-something. Also vaguely remember a 94 Livingston Moffitt, 94 Shafer Hillside, 94 Flora Springs Hillside, 94 Shafer Napa, 95 and 96 Cinq Cepages, and believe the last dog to bite was a 91 Caymus SS. At this juncture the weener called home for CB to come rescue me and thankfully she did. Naturally, while waaiting I was forced to have another sip but have no recollection of what it was. Was awakened by the gentle kissing on my cheek of one of the baby kittys. Bed was a welcome sight. WW