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- Drew - 11-28-2000

Absolutely wonderful, great notes, humor and a fun read.....I take back everything I ever said about you....ok, not everything!

I'm not worthy Drew [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 11-29-2000

MrD. NEVER a book `cause I mite get lucky, get it read and have to do a Sequal! Whew!(wiping brow), Drew for a moment there I thunk youse were goin soft. It was fun, but again very restrictive to my makeshift drinking habits. Later on I`ll probably do some verticals of my favorite wineries 93,94,and 95 vintages. Most of the 96`s IMHO are still too young and hard to slurp. WW For anyone who gives the proverbial, the only 92 in my cellar that wasn`t tasted on this thread was the Grace Family Vineyards and it wasn`t because of the price but because a buddy of mine and I got our noses in the vinegar back in March and drank 3 bottles of my 6 bottle allotment.ww

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- Wallace - 12-01-2000

92 Whitehall Lane: WW, Want to thank you for these sporatic opportunities. I only wish I had
more time for more wines, um, um good. My notes, I don't necessarily agree with you on the Morisoli. I saw no roughness there. I felt it immediately unleashed a wonderful core of elegant currant, black cherry and chocolate that turned creamy. I do agree that I was seriously seduced. I loved this wine. The Reserve? Eh! I though it started lean and austere and finished lean and austere. I did recogonize anise, cherry and currant notes and a touch of vanilla bean but tis still a touch rough. So now that I've bad mouthed it, got any you'd like to get rid of? What's next?

- mrdutton - 12-01-2000

Methinks, whatever you'd like, Wallace....

Whatever you'd like..................

That is what is next!

- winoweenie - 12-02-2000

Wallace, Wallace, Wallace. Buy you books and you set on the floor and tear out the pages. I posted that " As rough and tough as the Reserve was, the Morisoli was a seductress personified " or sumpin like that. Think we`re both saying the same thing only differently. Oh, I forgot to qualify the Suzie whose birthday party we celebrated. She is the manager of my wine store of choice and also has a marvelous and very well-trained palate. winoweenie