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- winoweenie - 09-29-2000

Wallace informed me yesterday he had to go to Calif next week and also Roxsand, our resident Celeb Chef is also leaving to give a seminar at Fetzer with John Ash next week so we`ll start the S`S when they return In the mean-whilst, I`ll get into some Zins,Pinots,Syrahs, Shirazs, and Merlots. WW Foodie I`m up to the favorite receipes chapter of your very interesting and well-written book. I tolt` you Botafugo was our type of drinkin` dude. WW

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- Drew - 09-29-2000

Congrats on the historical first 3 pager WW.


- winoweenie - 09-29-2000

Heck-Fire Drewskie, at least this time I looked and found the shift before I panicked and thot the dern thing was lost. This should be it as there are only 13 more wines to go. Don`t think I`ll undertake this again.Takes a lot of the fun out of pullin`, uncorkin`, and drinkin` one of them suckers. Having fun doing just that.Today a 98 Scherrer Old & Mature Vines Zin, last nite a B.V. Carneros 95 Pinot.No report, just enjoy. fabulastic. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 10-04-2000

Seeing as how we`re not getting in to S`s till next week, I had one last R so here `tis. Rafanelli. One of the,IMHO, outstanding P/V producers in all of Calif. Any of you Boarders who are presented with the opportunity to buy his wines should jump the fence to get`em.Dark ruby,with no color change at the rim. Seductive nose of blackberries, brite cherry, a hint of cinnamon, and vanilla. A mouthfeel like satin, a solid center and a medium finish. AS they say in Georgia, " This hound WILL hunt "

- winoweenie - 10-13-2000

10/12. For any-one who gives a rat-patootie, we`re ( The Wallaces) goin` to do 4 or 6 of the S`s sometime next week. Honest -Injun`, I`ll finish this derned thread shortly. WW

- Drew - 10-14-2000

Hey WW, I stumbled across a cache of 92' Kenwood Artist Series Cab today for $56 a think it's a good value at that price?


- winoweenie - 10-15-2000

Drew, that`s about what the issue price was. I paid 47 per on the case price. It`d be IMO a super but and is really drinkin` sweet.
( per TN ) . WW

- winoweenie - 10-20-2000

Today at lunch we managed to absorb the following.Stags Leap " Stags Leap Vineyard ". A Beautiful clear ruby. The nose was loaded with soft cherries, a floral overlay that seemed almost heady, some lite nuances of spice and a vanilla underlay that made the total wine the epitome of Warrens` style. The entry was like drinking liquid satin with a solid center and a relatively long finish. This is one solid jug of juice.
Stonestreet " Legacy ".A little deeper ruby than the Stags and also a little more restrained in the nose. The entry was a little more masculine and there was a definate note of dill weed along with the massive amount of black fruit. A Very solid effort that still needs another 2-3 to mature.
Shafer " Hillside Reserve ". The star of the group by a long margin. Opaque purple,with aromas that poured out of the glass. Blackcurrents, licorice, spices and smokey components that wrap around your palate and shows tremendous concentration and extraction of the deep fruit that keeps this large-scaled bottle civilized.Powerful, deep and with enough tannins to take it another 10. A solid 4-lapper. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 10-21-2000

10/20. Silverado. This is beyond a doubt one of the best Q/V producers in Napa along with Hess. This wine was a brilliant crimson, and had this aroma of brite cherry, vanilla and soft spice that all came across on the palate.The mid-palate was solid and a very fine, long-lasting finish. This has been a favorite of mine from the 92 vintage along with the Hess Collectin.Quite evident as this was my last bottle.Now comes the shoulda, coulda syndrome.Oh well, Onward C.S. We`re doing the 2 Silver Oaks Sat nite for din-din. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 10-23-2000

10/22. Silver Oak, Alexander. This deep-ruby colored doll has finally shed it`s wooden cloak and reveals a core of jammy-cherry, black fruits with a background of herbs, racy spices and cassis. An opulent, bottle of juice that has weight, character and density. A pretty effort. S.O. Napa. Slightly darker than the Alex. The Blackcurrents literally jump from the glass and like it`s sibling has shed most of the woody component that these wines have in their puberty.A sexy, full-throttle wine with breeding, a whole passel of soft tannins to carry it another 10-plus, and a creamy, dense viscosity that makes for an exceptionally long finish. Was first year Bonnys` grapes were used in the Napa which mite add to the richness. Both wines showing far more than I expected as I`ve not been a Silver fan. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 10-26-2000

10/26. Was hoping to finish this tasting this week but conditions beyond etc. I`m leaving for 2 weeks for Calif, and yes will probably be in Napa. ( 11/3,4,5,& 6th). We`ll finish this up on return.

- winoweenie - 11-13-2000

OK, I just pulled the rest of the 92`s and am waiting for the Wallaces` to get back in town from some tasting in wine country. We`re adding another couple who are friends of ours and the menu is as follows, all picked by Jim; Shafer "SLD ",Simi " Reserve "
Spottswood, and Stags Leap Wine Cellars
" Fay Vineyard ". I`m adding the last 2 wines from 92 which are Whitehall Lane " Morosoli " and Whitehall Lane " Reserve. And that`ll be all she wrote folk. WW

- winoweenie - 11-18-2000

11/17. Went to Roxsands` tonite to celebrate a friends birthday. Tried to get hold of the Wallaces to join us but guess they`re still in Calif. Took 4 of the 92`s and here`s the notes I have. Shafer SLD.Pretty clear ruby color.Nice nose with brite red cherry mixed with a floral note. Soft entry with a good middle palate and a medium long finish. This wine is IMO at it`s peak. Drink up.Stags Leap Wine Cellars Fay vineyard.Beautiful deep ruby. A black cherry, currant , and sweet vanilla nose that all come across on the entry. A dash of herbs linger on the strong middle palate and the finish is long and strong.Simi Reserve. Dark ruby with brilliant ruby edges. A nose that has the cedar-box Black-fruit, chocolate complexity that comes with a beautifully aged Sonoma cab. A very strong entry that focuses on the black fruit and spices.A very strong center palate and a four-lapper finish. An extremely fine bottle of wine. The fourth bottle was supposed to be the Spottswood but when we got to the restaurant discovered I`d pulled a Caymus Special Selection instead. We drank the sucker any-ways and seein` as how I`ve already reviewed it I`ll post Suzies` notes on the four tomorrow. A good time was had by all. Sorry Miramae and Jim. We still have 3 to go to close this thread. The Spottswood, and the 2 Whitehalls. WW

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- winoweenie - 11-22-2000

11/22.,Spottswood. An amazing bottle. Completely opaque, deep plum color that has one of the more complex noses of all the 92`s so far. The entry was very strong, with a solid center palate and a finish that wavers on the legendary 5-Lapper. Red, Black. and exotic fruits assail the nose and follow thru on the palate. Sensuous cassis, plum, and cardamon spice jump from the glass and add a huge feeling of fruit,fruit and more fruit. This wine seems to be close to it`s zenith, but has the soft, supple tannins to take it a minimum of another 10 years. If it `aint at it`s peak, then delibber me another 5 cases. Wunnerful bottle. All the guys at Sportsman may post. winoweenie. ( Sorry Jim)

- JasonM - 11-23-2000

WW, Thanks for offering the 92 Spottswood, as you always graciously do. I worked at Sportsmans for a few hours today and sold the last 92 on your powerful 5 lapper recommendation and forgot to try it myself! That is very unlike me and will go back on Turkey Day to give it a whirl if there is any left.
Will ship 2 6packs of Ristow on Tuesday if it arrives on Monday...don't forget to pick'em up this time! Oh, nice TN's on the 92's by the way, let me know when your'e going to do the 45 Bordeaux's.
---See ya soon, Jason

- winoweenie - 11-23-2000

Jason Ole Cock, Welcome to the board. Sorry you didn`t get a swig of the Sp-Wd, but there`ll be others to slurp. Hope T-Day is keen. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 11-25-2000

11/25 Sat. OK,OK, ALREADY. Miramae and Jim are coming in tomorrow and we`re gonna` finish off this here thread with the 2 Whitehall Lanes. Halleluhahaha!! WW

- winoweenie - 11-28-2000

Tasting notes of 11/17 written by Suzie whos` birthday prompted opening these here suckers. "Shafer SLD. Beautiful lush fruit. Soft, Soft tannins. Well balanced, well focusedwine with a long aftertaste. Good minerals and spices. Rating 90. Stags Leap " Fay Vineyard ". Lush fruit, soft tannins. Herb, currant, cedar and a little coffee. Complex, long finish. Rating 91.Simi Reserve. Great nose with lush integrated fruit. Supple long, long aftertaste.Rating 94. And the mistake wine . Caymus Sp. Selection.TO DIE FOR!.A99 pt. wine. I`ve never tasted a wine this good. It`s as good as it gets.Complexity out the ears. Very elegant and concentrated. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Rating 99.I think she had a good birthday party. winoweenie

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- winoweenie - 11-28-2000

Whitehall Lane Reserve. A dark, brooding hulk of a wine. Almost opaque. Gives a hint of it`s complexity grudgingly. Still with a cloak of tannins around a solid core of fruit. Wake this baby up in another 5. Whitehall Lane Morisoli. As rough and muscular as the Reserve was this wine was a seductress personified. Aroma from the first pour on was heady and complex. An entry like silk revealed brite cherry, currant, and vanilla with exotic spices followed with a solid center and a memorably long finish. Now I know why they are using the Morisoli vineyard fruit in their flagship Reserve bottling. What a marvelous wine to wrap up this tasting. Wallace will probably make his posting on these but this be IT. Hope someone besides me`uns enjeryed this. Didn`t realize the restrictions I was putting on my drinking habits but it has born out IMHO the premise I stated in the opening of this thread.92 was one heck of a vintage with balance, finesse, and longevity as its` heritage. Bye, Bye 92`s. winoweenie

- mrdutton - 11-28-2000

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Thanks for the info, WW.

When are you gonna write the book?