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- winoweenie - 08-31-2000

No 8/30 post. We`re having the Kenwood "Artist" and Lewis "Oakville Ranch" for lunch today Will report on them suckers tomorrow. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 08-31-2000

We managed 4 bottles at lunch. Will review them dudes tomorrow.winoweenie

- winoweenie - 09-01-2000

9/1. Ended up with 4 wines at lunch yesterday instead of 2. Here`s the order we drank them in with comments. Mondavi"Oakville" Unfiltered. Brite Ruby color. Red cherry danced out of the glass. Some spicy undertones and a hint of vanilla. Soft, supple entry with a good middle and a medium finish.Really drinking good at the present.Livingston"Moffit". Deeper ruby color and a complex nose that had a hint of cinnomon candy. Lush entry, solid center and a medium-long finish. A soft tannic structure that will take this wine up another 2 years, and will keep for 6-10 at peak.Kenwood"Artists Series".A really fine effort. Clear ruby with brilliant hilites.Complex, heady nose that promises red and black fruits, a hint of chocolate and spices with a touch of sweet oak.An extremely stylish wine and by far the best Artists series in my experience. Was consensus best wine .Lewis " Oakville Ranch".Initial offering.Deep, deep ruby. Took 20-30 minutes for the nose to open.Tons of lush, dense fruits on entry,strong center palate, and a finish that seemed to last and last till the massive tanninskicked in. An outstanding wine that needs another 2-4 to escape puberty. WS rated this # 19 of top 100.700 cases produced.

- winoweenie - 09-02-2000

HE-HE. No cab 9/1. Drank a major ZIN last nite.Yummy WW

- winoweenie - 09-05-2000

9/4. Mondavi " Unfiltered". Brilliant ruby. Nose was reticient at first but came around after 30 min to offer brite fruit, spice, oak, and a hint of the Rutherford terrior. A really solid effort. Think I`ll Open another bottle tomorrow nite and compare it to the Reserve. Should be interesting. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 09-06-2000

9/6. leaving for Vail for 2 weeks. No reports. No retorts. No scabsports. Later you preverts winoweenie

- winoweenie - 09-17-2000

Mondavi Napa Unfiltered and Reserve. Took these with us to Vail and maybe the elevation played havoc with my normally indiscriminate taste-buds, but came away with the impression that I`m a big dummy to have payed the difference between the Reserve price abd the Napa. Both wines were dark, dense and had lots of good stuff going in the aromatics. The Reserve was the sleeker, polished, and more dominate of the two but it was because of that Ole` Demon oak that the regular bottling made the more favorable impression. Like both bottles, but the Napa has the core of pure fruit that comes on like a cherry infusion from Smuckers. Had fun, took The Ch Montelena,Pahlmeyer, Penfolds Bins 389 and 707 tha I`ll report on later. Don`t this remind you of a jungle rash? Jes` when you think the itchings` gone, up that sucker comes agin`! winoweenie

- Drew - 09-17-2000

WW...Thanks for this thread and the tn's.
I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this "virtual tasting experience". I just wish I had more 92's to sample along with you!


- winoweenie - 09-18-2000

Chateau Montelena. We had this wine on the evening of the 11th and felt like I`d thrown 6-in-a-row at the old D.I. This wine has, should-be, and always will-be one of the great wines of the Napa.Deep Ruby, brilliant color , and a nose that promises, then delivers every thing the cab fruit should. Looking back I`m kicking myself for not loading up on this beauty since it was under 35 bucks. This reminds me a lot of their 78, the initial Estate bottling. Deep black fruits, spicy, long-lasting impression of the essence of the grape, with a finish that approaches the legendary 5-Lapper, but not quite. Very soft tannins that still will carry this baby another 10. Lovely. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 09-18-2000

9/18. Pahlmeyer " Bordeaux Blend ". This trim, slim, but definately not grim beauty has a lot of grape going for it. A pretty deep ruby color with some light ruby rim highlites. A nose of flowers, spice, brite cherry fruits and spices from top to ever-wheres. The center is solid, and the finish is medium long. A really nice effort that is at the top of its` game. Enough structure to hold another 5. ww

- winoweenie - 09-20-2000

Penfolds Bin 389 Cab/Shiraz. This pup has been one of my favorites since it`s release. Dark ruby color, the nose has gotten more expressive every year. The brite red cherry fruit is underscored with the dark fruits, cocoa, and black fruit of the Shiraz. Smooth entry, a wild mid-palate, and an extermely long finish. Was a WS top 100 wine of 96( think around 30). This baby was purchased in depth and IMHO will see another 10 swimmingly.Will do the707 Cab tomorrow. winoweenie

- Drew - 09-20-2000

Actually WW, it was #29 of 1995...the 389 has been one of my favorites throughout the years.


- winoweenie - 09-20-2000

I`ll be Derned. The memory`s the 2nd thin` to go ! ` Caint believe that I missed that bugger by ONE whole place. Oh well. I`ll be more exact frum now on Drewskie. WW

- winoweenie - 09-21-2000

Penfolds 707. Drank this babe sittin` on the patio watching the sun descend. Deep Ruby, intense nose that showed, Red and Black fruits, flashes of spice, light sweet oaky vanilla, and a hint of chocolate.Big entry with a solid center, and a 4-Lapper finish. My first encounter with the 707. Reminds me of the Grange only 100 Cab fruit. A stunning wine. Broiled some pork fillets that I`d marinated for 2 days, sliced `em up placed on a crisp 8-grain bun and saw as bootiful a sunset as the mind can imagine. ww

- winoweenie - 09-21-2000

9/20.Phelps Napa. Always a contender IMHO for the best P/V in almpost every vintage, this 92 is no exception. Still clear deep ruby, a nose that verberates with fruit and spices , this is typical Napa cabernet. Many guys would love to have this offering as their Flagship wine but It`s pretty hard to do when you have the Insignia Lurking on the next panel. A super bottle for the money. Tonites` the Insig. winoweenie. By the way, does any-one but me notice the " 5 " influence? The Phelps Napa has produced some outstanding wines over the decades, notably 1975, 1985, and 1995. Do that be weird or which? Nashurly, the Sig is always one of the 10 best.

- winoweenie - 09-23-2000

9/22 Phelps Insignia.As usual, a brilliant wine. An opaque,black/purple. Nose of flowers, spices and vanilla the taste-buds are assaulted with the same notes plus black currents, sweet oak, and brite red and black fruit. A spectacular finish that makes a solid case for the legendary 5-lapper.Ho-Hum, just another in a heady run of superlative Insignias. WW

- winoweenie - 09-25-2000

9/24. Pine Ridge " S.L.V. " Clear ruby. Brite highlites and a lovely soft fruity nose. Red fruits , vanilla, and spices are well inregrated. Entry is smooth with a good center and a Fairly long finish. A very well-crafted wine that shows its heritage. Very pleasant with soft unobtrusive tannins still there . Almost at its peak.WW

- winoweenie - 09-26-2000

9/25. Ch Potelle. Boy has this wine leveled since last tasted( 7/97 ).A pretty brite ruby color with no browning. A sprinkling of Chocolate, Cassis, Red fruits, and a touch of dill.Lovely smooth entry.A solid center, with a finish that falls short. A superior effort that still has some sustantial tannins(soft) that IMHO will keep this lovely wine going for at least another 10. WW

- winoweenie - 09-28-2000

9/27. Bernard Pradel " Howell Mtn ". Another winemaker named Bernard who defected from France . Purchased 40 acres on Howell and produced only 600 cases of this beauty. Brite ruby. An intriguing element in the nose that I can only describe as candied-dill. Lush mouthfeel, with lots of rounded tannins and red fruits that compliment the spice. A solid center and a medium-long finish. My first bottle of his wine. Lots going on. Can`t wait to see what he did in 94.WW. IK,MrD, WC, Foodie, Drew ET AL, Looks like Wallace is scoring again. We`re getting together next week for another boring evening of food and wine. Gave him the " S`s " to choose the drinks. Choose Shafer SLD, Simi " Reserve ",Spottswood, and Stags Leap "Fay". Left out 6 that would probably suprise most of you`ns. We`ll report when they be dranken. ww

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- Drew - 09-28-2000

Cain't wait.......Drew