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- Bucko - 07-13-2000

Those 85s are beginning to fall apart IMO. I am glad that I only have a few left. The Santa Cruz wines seem to be hanging in there, but not the Napa wines.


- winoweenie - 07-13-2000

WC, I`ll do the helping in this neck of the woods. And Bucko, again yoube rite. Yhe SCMV "Bates " And Katerine K are rre really doing well. Saturday maybe Wallace will report on the 4 92`s we taste. As an exercise, I`ll post the choices I gave Jim, You pick the ones you think he choose.Cain 5, Caymus Napa, Caymus Sp. Selection,Ch St. Jean "Reserve",Chimney Rock "Stags Leap",Clos du Val " Napa",Conn Creek"Ltd Release", Conn Creek "Anthology", and Corison " Napa". What say you Bucko, You know the Jimmers` taste. Winoweenie

- Bucko - 07-13-2000

Jimbo has taste?!?!? Hell, he likes that Vignoles stuff....... [img][/img]


- Wallace - 07-13-2000

Yeah, I do, and M. Foch, and Seyval Blanc, Concord and any Scuppernong you can throw my way. Git outa here Bucko. I even tasted an outrageous Orange wine from Florida a few years back, loved it.

- winoweenie - 07-13-2000

And Here My Fellow Board Members Are the Two most presztigious of our MODERATORS. Deliber Me`uns. WW

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- winecollector - 07-14-2000

Winoweenie- You don't expect me to drink those SW that Innkeeper & Foodie drink out here on the east coast, do you? Oh, the pain....

- winoweenie - 07-14-2000

Sorry WC, forgot there was one of the members on the board with GOOD Taste. Tried the La Ville Ferme Rose, had better Nehi Strawberry pop in Shawnee at the Orpheum during the Sat triple-header matinee with 2 short-shorts and 4 Looney-Tunes. Only cost 2 cents too. Winoweenie

- Bucko - 07-14-2000

I rest my case....... [img][/img] <smooch>


- Wallace - 07-15-2000

WW says I have to review the wines we had last night cause he can't see the keyboard. We started with an 81 Joe Swan chard, still a little fruit which is something to write home about considering it was an 81 SW. Then, to prepare our palates, we had a 91 St. Jean Reserve which IMO was nigh on to the best wine of the eve. Actually the 92 Chimney Rock was runnin neck to neck and I still can't figure which I preferred, both were very elegant wines. The 92 Conn Creek Anthology was a bit too heavy on the Cabernet Franc side for my tastes, the 92 St. Jean was very good by not showing the finesse of the 91 or the 92 Chimney Rock. The Ltd. Release", Corison is showing strong but geeeezzze Louise maybe drinkin in 20 years. A huge wine with lots of chocolate and currant stuffs. The eve was spectacular, a good time had by all, dinner was at Roxsand, in Phoenix, and elegant. So with that I'm outa here. I can barely keep my eyes open.

- winoweenie - 07-16-2000

Thanks Jim, Now for my take on the subject seeing as how I`ve recovered. Jim, you forgot the finale the 85 Dow vintage port. Think that mite have been the knock-out punch. The 81 Swan (I know Foodie I used to buy lots of SW`s ) was kinda a revelation. Still remnants of a great bottle made by indominable ex-pilot. The 91 Ch. St. Jean "Reserve" was drinking beautifully. the 92 is still bound by strong tannins, but IMHO will develop into a super bottle in the next 5-7 yrs.The Chimney " Napa" `aint gonna get No better. It is drinking beautifully with a core of soft red and black fruits and a lush vanilla platform with spicy nuances on the medium long finish.Wallace Didn`t like the Anthology because of the cab-franc in the blend. I personally enjoy the aromatics that cab-franc imparts to a blend. And last, but not in any-way least, is the Corison.Boy that lady makes some powerful juice. That sucker has an almost purple robe, with a slight turning to ruby at the rim. Huge entry, Center, and a 4-lapper finish. Chocolate, Tons of black fruits, exotic spices , and a touch of vanilla gets you before the soft round but powerhouse tannins shuts you down.I put my next bottle of this baby to come out in 05. All-in All a good time was had by ebberbody including the wait-staff who always get to taste. Winoweenie

- Wallace - 07-16-2000

You have such a way with words.

- winoweenie - 07-17-2000

7-16.Caymus "Special Selection". A full-bore bare-knuckles wine with all the aromatics you`d expect and taste to match. Red and black fruits,with cola, current, and spicy flavors that have a lovely vanilla twinge. The tannins are very subdued and this big-boy is approaching the top of its` game.Low acid lets the marvelous display of fruit thru. Much more accessable than the 90 or 91. Super Juice. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 07-18-2000

7/17. Cain 5. Deep ruby, floral nose. Very soft entry , a solid center, and a medium finish.53%cab,34%merlot,9%malbec,3%cab-franc(Just lost Wallace), and 1% Petite Verdot.Jim, I couldn`t pick out the Cab-Franc.Lots of spice with brite red fruit and a vanilla coating.Extremely Bordeaux-Like, but in a Calif. package.Soft, silky tannin. This bottle is definately at a peak.Nowere to go but down. A really nice drink, but too Bordelais for me. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 07-19-2000

7/19/00.Guys , for any-one who gives a rats-patootie, I`ve got to stop this Cab binge for awhile. Didn`t realize how much I enjoyed a rough-and-tumble Zin, A silky Pinot, or even some of them Merlotts. My taste buds need a rest so seein` as how I`m leaving for San Diego tomorrow, I`ll be drinkin` any-thin but cab for the next few days. Don`t mis-interpet , Cabs still be my drink of choice, but I`m reminded of what Charles Wagner told me; You can`t drink a fine bottle every nite. It`s like eatin` steak 7 days a week, you forget how good a hamburger is. He`s rite.I`ll resume with the last C the Clos du Val Next week. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 07-27-2000

Again, for any-one who could give a rats`-tail, I`ve been told by my body that it`s time for a sabbatical.I do this every three or four months. You cain`t believe the words of thanks my kidneys and liver send to the local paper. I`ll be completely off ALL booze including beer, single-malts, and (sob) wine for the next 2 to 4 weeks. I will resume the 92 tastings on return. I will be checking the board, so IK, Foodie, and Bucko you wont be able to make all those nasty remarks without perusal and retort from the WW. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 08-03-2000

Miramae, Wallace and any-one in the area of Phoenix around the 18 or 19th of Aug. Have talked to some of the BAWDIES and they have kindly agreed to help in the further tasting of the 92 Cabs.Will set a definite date in the next week. Depending on the number of participants we`ll do all of the " D "s or thru the " F " s.( Dalle Valle -Napa, Dehlinger, Duckhorn-Howell, Dunn-Napa, Dunn-Howell or add Etude-Napa, Far Niente, Flora Springs-Reserve, Forman, plus the last "C" Clos du Val. Who said no-one steps up to the plate and makes a personal sacrifice anymore? These guys are troopers. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 08-10-2000

O.K. You`se-All. Tomorrow is O.T.S day(off the sabattical). Gonna give Roxsands` the pleasure of my drinkin`& eatin` and drinkin`.The resumption of the 92`s will start next week with a large group who have kinkly offered to help taste some of these suckers.I feel like Gobi ( the desert, not Star Wars) I`m so dry.Look out you bottles, winoweenie`s BACK! WW

- winoweenie - 08-11-2000

OK everbodie, the BAWDIES are meeting Next Friday the 18th to help taste the above 92`s. Any of you`se who mite be in the area let me know as you`re invited. So far we`ll have 8 wines to taste and as is normal, we`ll probably buy another 5 or 6 to make sure we`re totally in-synch. winoweenie

- winoweenie - 08-18-2000

Today`s the day! Probably wont get to the descriptive part till Sunday as the BAWDIE meetings take a lot of getting over. Have fun all. winoweenie

- jock - 08-18-2000

PGS = Pretty good stuff. Six 92 cabs (Duckhorn Howell, Dunn Napa & Howell, Dalla Valle, Etude and Dehlinger RRV) plus some other neat stuff.

Etude and Dalla Valle stood out. The only disappointment was Dunn Napa which had just too much tannin and fading fruit.

WW can use the flowery words to describe them.

BTW, one of the "others" was a superb 1986 Duckhorn Napa Merlot and the WOD (wine fo the day) was a 79 Vieux Telegraph.