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- winoweenie - 08-19-2001

May as well do'em bof at one time. Had the 93 last nite with a plain ole hamburger.This is still almost opaque. Deep ruby, and the nose is still shy. After 1 hour in the glass the dominate black fruit, cassis, herbs and spices emerged and I took a gulp. Still with boucou tannins but rounded enough to give access. Strong center and a long finish says this babe needs to slumber another 2-3 yars. Had the 98 at the wineries tasting room. Clear ruby color, with a brite cherry, vanilla component. Silky entry ( Even for 10 in the morning ), a good center and a fairly long finish. A better wine than was expected but still not in the league of the marvy 97. WW

- Drew - 08-19-2001

WW, any impressions on the '96? I have a few sleeping and would like to know when they should be awakened. BTW, nice to have you back.


- winoweenie - 08-19-2001

Hidie-Ho there Drew-Spector. My latest tasting notes are from 6-15-00 and IMHO this bugger is destined to be looked at next in 04. I'll open a bottle shortly and post on it. I put it potentially at 90-92. Che-kack.( Shawnee for " Don't buy shorts too small as your shuttle-cock will not fly straight "