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- winoweenie - 06-14-2003

After facing this wine eye-ball to corkscrew ir dawned on me what a shame if this proficient producer goes under. Cecil DewLoach is a marvelous fellow. For those of you not knowing his story he retired from the San Fraancisco Fire Department and bought this nice farm in Russian River. Some of his neighbors ( Joe Swan, Tom Dehlinger, etc were growing grapes, making wine and having fun so he decided that was the way to boogie. He was successful and made good solid wines, made money, and expanded his holdings. In the mid-price range he got caught in the fighting varietal wars, 2-Buck-Chuck, and the wine glut. Hopefully he has enough net worth to weather this. This is a fine bottle. Deep ruby, cassis,anise, some pencil shavings and a large dose of red fruits. Good entry, solid center, and a 4-lapper finish. Still some sofr rannins to shed but a fine bottle. 89/89. 30 by the box. WW [img][/img]