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- bigredwines - 03-24-2004

Just got 3 of these from the source.It is not in the bottle shops for another couple months.The Leonardini family has done it again.2001 napa cab,has spice and vanilla to the nose,tastes of Berry, plum,and mocha, has great staying power with a supurb finish. This baby will be a 4 lapper with some time.Tastes great now!from the source 40. per bottle or 24 or more 34 by the bottle.I would suggest ordering 3 on line .I think once you have tried it you will reorder like I have.

- Kcwhippet - 03-24-2004

Why does this sound like WW?

- bigredwines - 03-24-2004

ww is my mentor.What can i say?

- marleyspud - 03-26-2004

Big Red. You mentioned that you order wines online and you live in Phoenix... how do you get them shipped to you with the current liquor laws?? Would love to be able to get bottles shipped. Any help would be appreciated. MS

- Thomas - 03-26-2004

marleyspud, are you being serious???

- bigredwines - 03-26-2004

went to napa last year for the first time. most of the wineries would not ship. but a few were using I believe a third party shipper. I also understand that the laws in AZ have changed just recently.I would suggest that if you have a favorite winery , join there wine club . you will probably have to call first because many of their web sites have not been updated yet to include AZ.

- marleyspud - 03-26-2004

Foodie-yes! MS

- winoweenie - 03-28-2004

Hi Laura. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you but have been a busy booger the past month or so. The laws have been changed and now wine is being shipped into Az. There wont be any shipments made in another 2 weeks because of the weather. I'll call youi this coming week. WW

- winoweenie - 03-30-2004

KC, pretty good job HUH? BRW is really committed to the grape and has a fine palate along with the adventurous spirit it takes to be a WINO. WW [img][/img]

- bigredwines - 06-23-2007

Opened one last night.This was one of my multiple bottle purchases from when I started collecting.It still amazes me when you have patience how wine will change on tastes. the big difference is the smoothness in the finish that has developed.I would guess this will get better over the next 2 years and hold for another 3 to 5.I score it 3.75 lapper finish 93/92.Have 8 more to enjoy.0ne per year!