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- winoweenie - 01-14-2001

Went to So. Cal on a wine pick-up and a close friend of mine rode along. This is one of the few people I know who can drink glass for glass with the Weenie. Mike loves wine so needless to say we had a ball. Went to Rancho Mirage on Sat and seeing as how I was combining a `lil biz with the pick-ups, we stayed there over the week-end so I could see my account Mon. To alleviate any dry spells I brought along 2 bottles of each of the following; 97 Ristow, 97 Raymond Reserve, and 97 Phelps Napa. All have been reviewed before and they were demolished by early Sun evening. Mon we made it to Costa Mesa by lunch-time so stopped at a super little Sushi jernt named Sushi Wave and poured down some sake and beer with their marv fishies. Picked up the following 97s Phoenix Napa,Franas Napa,Chimney Rock Elevage , White Rock Claret,and Long Meadow Ranch. Also picked a 98 Freestone Napa that should show up as a best buy in WS . This is the 2nd lable of Von Strausser and at 16 bucks a killer wine. The Franus is drinking super and has enuf stuffin to go 10. Same with the Chimney Rock. A pretty bottle that is very appealing now but will stand cellaring. The 2 stars how-so-ebber be the Rock and the Ranch. The White Rock reminds me of the 82 Ausone on release. Very generous fruit, tremendous nose and a whale of a finish. Comprised of Cab (76),Cab Franc (10), Merlot (9), and Petite Verdot (5) this jewel manages to give the great rich, full fruit of Napa and the elegance of some of Frances` Best estates. My first encounter with this wine. Was rated #1 wine of the vintage by Wine and Spirits Mag.Not to be outdone, the Long Meadow Ranch ( An actual working ranch nestled high in the Mayacamus Mtns) has released this beauty. Only their 2nd vintage it has the great strength of the mountain fruit, gobs of black cherry, cassis, pencil shavings, and an almost jammy character. This is a show-stopper! Glides over the tongue like Astaire, Sings like Ella, and has a punch like Ali. These 2 are wines deserving of protracted searching. CCK are you listening? TTTHHHAAATTTSSS All folk. winoweenie