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- winoweenie - 01-02-2004

After the 92 Moet Rose this was the chice for nibbles last nite.Depp ruby with cherry, plums,cassis, white pepper and vanilla on the nose. Enters as smoothly as a 2nd story man and the center's solid and a killer 4&1/2-lapper finish. This is a wine to savor now but has those famous silky tannins that'll take this another 5-8 easily. Rivals anything from the 94 vintage I've had so far still a few of the gang to try but could go on a deserted island for the next ten iff'n I had 2 of these hummers per day.93-95/92. 49 by the box [img][/img]

- sedhead - 01-04-2004

How much would one of these cost today?

- winoweenie - 01-04-2004

Sed haven't seen this on the shelf but would guess anywhere from 100-150 depending on how much the store marks up. WW

- micpic8 - 02-16-2004

I would say at this point seeing as they are getting $125 plus for 97 SLV that the 94 would be at $150 as a starting point. Be careful, at that age you have to wonder where it has been and how was it stored. (How many hands has it gone though.)

- winoweenie - 03-31-2007

Opened one of these to celebrate my arrival back in the valley safe and. The only improvement is in the aromatics. The perfume filled the family room. Red cherries, roses, and plums highlighted the nose. All hit the palate in spades. Take it to a solid 95. WW