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- newsguy - 10-28-2002

apparently raymond just did a library release of these 2 wines. i can get them locally at $30 for the 87 private reserve or $35 for the 94 reserve. anyone have first-hand knowlege of these wines, which they prefer, and how far along they are on the drink/hold curve? thanks.

- winoweenie - 10-28-2002

FWIW Newsfeller, my notes on the 87 last recorded in 96 weren't too good. On the other paw, I gave the 94 Reserve a 91 and the Generations a 93 in 01. The price also seems Okie-Dokie. Go fer it reporter-type. WW
Just noticed the other was an 89. STAY with the 94. 89 was a hum-drum passel of mostly bad juice.

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- newsguy - 11-05-2002

was a little curious if anyone else has heard that raymond did a library release of these two wines, the 94 reserve and the 87 private reserve? i grabbed a bottle of the 94 (at $34.99) and was so unimpressed by it that i'm wondering if the distributor lied when they sold it to my regular wine shop, telling them that it was a library release from the winery when in fact the distributor maybe just found a few cases in the back of a non-temperature controlled storeroom. wine wasn't corked or anything, just tasted way over the hill. i've had many better $10 wines. felt like i really wasted my money on this one.

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- winoweenie - 11-05-2002

Newski to answer your query. Normally here, when a winery releases a " Library " wine they designate the bottle with a sticker so describing the bottle. Think you may have been hit in the wallet. WW