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- Stealthman - 06-11-2001

'97 Opus One (winery tasting) Classic Opus One flavor (whether you like it or not there isn't any other Ca Cab that you can confuse with Opus One IMHO) but very tannic at this stage. Both the '95 and '96 were much better balanced at this stage. Drinking this now is a waste of wine (and big $). Maybe try again in 2005. I guess I would rate this currently an 88 with a couple of those points only attributable to the ooh-ahh factor. I am inclined to think this one will be a good one (94 pointish), but it won't be for a long while. Last comment a hunderd an fify bucks, get real. Costco $103.99 just after release and that was hard to take.

'98 Silver Oak AV (winery tasting, not yet released)- I taste at Silver Oak cause I like their stemware and once again the $5 glass will be remembered longer and more fondly than the wine, too bad. Makes 3 forgettable vintages in a row for the AV in my mind and I don't remember anything special about my '96 or '97 (pre-release tasted twice) Napa tasting either (the '95 Napa was the last good one in my mind). Plumpjack is now selling a similar glass, maybe no need to spend the 20 minutes at S.O. from now on.

- Bucko - 06-11-2001

I dropped off of the S.O. wagon with the 1992 vintage.......


- winoweenie - 06-13-2001

Have a fair amount of wine in my cellar and have always found 50 to 100 bottlings that IMHO were superior to Hokus-Pokus-Opus for the same or less potatoes. Bucko dropped off 2 vintages before me on the Silver OAKKK.
I liked the 94 but from then on Huh-Ugh! WW