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- brappy - 05-20-2006

Got together with my restaurant tasting group a few days back and am just getting around to posting anything on it.

A quick list:

Clos Pegase Cab '01
Simi cab reserve '99
Martin Ray Cab '01
Regusci Cab '01
Silver Oak Cab Alexander '01
Miner Family vineyards '02
Cloud View Cab '01
Chimney Rock Cab '03
Conn Creek Anthology '00 & '01

Not a whole lot of tasting notes but instead some notes of merrit. The Clos Pegase was nondescript in comparison with the others. Good; not great and certainly not an ager. The wine was a descent "Right now" type of wine.

The Simi cab reserve '99 was soft. The tannins have mellowed out quite nicely. The palate gave hints of age but the color had no bricking whatsoever. This is a beautiful wine that will last a few more years but is great right now.

The next wine, Martin Ray Cab '01 showed great fruit with a touch of earth in the right amounts. Very well balanced. Unfortunately, Maryland is not recieving this wine any longer. I'm hoping to get some of the leftovers from the supplier.

The next wine I'd never heard of before this evening. Regusci Cab '01 was a little flat and possibly minutely corked. I only say that because the fruit had diminished to the point of being bland. However, the next night, a wine rep brought a bottle he had opened during the day and we were able to try again. Unbelievable difference! The fruit was screaming at us and the barnyard finished off the palate. The finish went on forever. This wine is a must have for Cab lovers.

The Silver Oak Alexander '01 was a nice wine. Much better effort than earlier vintages of the Alexander bottling. This wine seemed to be fighting to define itself. Elegant or powerful fruit forward wine? Nice wine but left me with questions.

The Miner family vineyards "The Oracle" '02 was definately not as wonderful as the '01, yet the effort was clearly there. The fruit didn't come out quite as strong as the '01 and the finsh was a tad bit shorter. Take what I say about this wine with a grain of salt because I believe this wine was in an early sleep. The structure, although not overwhelming, was there and in a couple of years may wake up and surprise me.

Another first for me, the Cloud View Cab '01 was outstanding. Luscious fruit in the front and mid palate. finished slightly tannic, but in a good way with sweet fruit and a longgggg finish. A couple of years on this one and watch out. Great bottle now.....I can't wait to see what this one will do.

The next pair of wines really is a testament to an old style of wine making. The Conn Creek Anthology. The '00 was ready to drink with only a couple of years left. This wine defined elegant and finesse. The fruit was sweet and beautiful. The back palate gave you the earth I always crave for in a great cab blend. The '01 was more fruit forward which had less earthy components, but still held on to that elegant style. Interestingly, the group was split on this one as half liked the '01 better and the other the '00 better. I was in the '00 camp this night but just barely and who knows what could happen 1, 2, 3, 4, years from now.

The surprise of the evening was the Chimney Rock Cab '03. This wines structure was solid. I give this wine about 12 years of aging but I could be wrong. The nose of this wine matched perfectly with the palate. And both were full of sweet, lovely juice. The finish wouldn't stop and left you craving for more and more and more.......

My notes were comparison notes and therefore not good tasting notes. All of these wines were wonderful. But even more so because of the company I was fortunate enough to have shared these with.


- winoweenie - 05-21-2006

Nice post Brapster. The wines are a cross-section of the Napa scene. I've posted many times on the Anthology as it occupies lots of space in the cellar along with the Chimney Rock. The Regusci is a late player with me also as I have the 02 resting. WW

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- brappy - 05-22-2006


If you've tasted the '00 Anthology, can you give me an idea of how long the bottle will last. Drinking very well right now, but the tannins had softened up about as far as they will go (without declining anyway). I'm giving it another 3 years but if I'm incorrect on that let me know...please. The '01 is maturing much slower and has a bit more life to it.


- winoweenie - 05-22-2006

Mark I didn't buy hardly any 00s' as at the time my cellar runneth over and the vintage was spotty. But given the strength of the wines from this fine property I'd say it should go the 3 easily. WW

- brappy - 05-23-2006

OK, Thanks WW