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- newsguy - 11-05-2004

$14.99; 13.5%) color is a medium, purplish-red. bright nose of both dark and light fruits, with hints of olive and vanilla; very good flavors of dark fruits. a good entry leading to a midpalate that is affected by superfine tannins, leading to an expanding finish where a chocolate note joined in over time. an elegant, balanced wine, though i would only expect it to be a short-term ager. a little decanting helps if you're going to drink it now. 88+ points.

- winoweenie - 11-05-2004

As stated many times Dick is one of Califs' more talented winemakers. Hopefully he gets his property back tho doubtful. WW

- newsguy - 11-05-2004

WW: this was my first taste of an arrowood wine because of their cost. but the grand archer line just started showing up around these parts and it gives me a chance to see what arrowood's about. this is good stuff. i can only imagine how tasty their first wine must be. i've read your posts on them with great interest -- and a bit of drool. [img][/img]