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- winoweenie - 01-14-2001

Found this lil` orphan whist stashing the wines from Costa and Vintage wines in San Diego. Like he had radar my buddy Mike dropped by so we opened this sucker. No-one could possibly guess the age of this beauty looking at the glass. ABSOLUTELY opaque with a dark ruby rim. We let it set in the glasses for 15 minutes and this beauty of Travers filled the room with a spicy, blackberry, cherry aroma you could almost spoon. Great entry, a bell-ringing middle palate and the fabled 5-Lapper finish. We actually sipped this one bottle for over 2 hours. This by 2 dudes who normally knock off the 1st jug in 15 minutes. What a bottle. I actually think this could hold its own with the 78 Diamond Creek Lake, and it sure can against the regular bottlings. Wish I`d laid more of this sucker down. ( I say that every time I finish the last bottle of ennythin`) Mike now expects me to open sumpin like this every time he`s here. Back to reality. winoweenie

- RAD - 01-14-2001

WW, I'll see if I too can't stop by unannounced. [img][/img]

I've got a '79; have you tried that one?


- Bucko - 01-14-2001

The 74 & 78 were classics.....


- winoweenie - 01-14-2001

Yeah Rad, I drank my last 79 in 94. The bottle was great , just not as concentrated or intense as the 78. The 70 is in my Cab Hall of Fame. You can forget the ratings when it comes to Mayacamus as they are super every vintage. WW

- winoweenie - 01-15-2001

The reason I don`t have more older wines is the prevailing opinions during the 70`s and 80`s by the so-called " Experts" was that California wines wouldn`t age like Bordeaux. What bull-hockey! Any-way, as a wine in my cellar got to the 10-12 year mark I started getting nervous. Drank some hellishly good juice but now realize them dudes could have been sock-roller-downers given a few more years. Any-whince, I don` do `dat no-more. I have a fairly good idea which of these babes are marathoners and the ones that are 100-yard dashers. They be places for each. Still kickin` my patootie for drinking my last case of 74 Diamonds at New Years Party. WW