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- WayneP - 05-11-2002

Hi all,
I have a bottle of '78 (yes, seventy eight) Firestone Vineyards (Santa Barbara, CA) cabernet. It's spent most of it's life on it's side in a cool, dark closet, but it may have gotten warm on occaision during a move or on a hot day. How likely is it that it's still good? Would eBay be the best place
to sell it? Wayne

- Bucko - 05-11-2002

No one would offer you anything for the bottle. Its storage is suspect and the wine is not a collectable.

Pull the cork and hope for the best.

- winoweenie - 05-12-2002

Hi Wayne P and welcome to the board. This hummer died a peaceful death over ten years ago. Herr Buckmeister tolt' youse like it be. WW

- elloco - 05-17-2002


- winoweenie - 05-18-2002

Hi there Elloco and welcome to the board. It's nice to have another member with dyslexia join us. I have a melborp myself occassionally. I think the year in question was 78, not 87. [img][/img] WW

- elloco - 05-18-2002

OOPS! Just a typo. I rechecked and my vitage chart which states: 1978 Cab - Outstanding - DRINK.

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- winoweenie - 05-18-2002

Elloco if you'll go back 100 days on this thread, you'll find many postings on the 1978 cabs. I have drunk so many 78s' in my time that believe me, I can quote time and place on every wine produced in the vintage. ANY 78 that is still drinkable besides the Diamond Creeks, Mayacamus, Caymus SS, or Ch Montelena are complete abberrations, and even these outstanding producers had to of had perfect provenance to still have viability. The Firestomne was barely drinkable on release. Your vintage chart is woefully out-of-date; should state "was outstanding" WW

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- WayneP - 05-20-2002

Bummer, but thanks!