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- winoweenie - 03-06-2009

the club yesterday and some purty dad-blamed good juice were drunked. 1st off was a 1997 Wattle Creek Alex Valley that hit the glasses running. My 1st experience with this superb bottle. Next we had the 97 Carmenet Moon Mtn Vineyard. Another killer example of balance, power and complexity that makes this so much fun. This has to be the best cab that the Chalone group ever made. Next was the surprise of the afternoon.... a 1997 Del Dotto Merlot! That sucker thot it was a cab as it was big, brawny, and blatently beautiful. We were aabout to hang it up when a dear friend, his gorgus wifey and relatives from Montana dropped in. We decided to open another bottle which rite now escapes me but do remember it was a 98 cab. Maybe BRW, if he sees this, can post the name. All-in-all a nice Thursday afternoon. WW

- newsguy - 03-06-2009

"All-in-all a nice Thursday afternoon."

i'd say that's an understatement! [img][/img]