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- Mayte - 12-19-1999

Have recently purchased a far sum of 89 Dominus. Would appreciate hearing any tasting comments.

- Bucko - 12-20-1999

Here is a tasting note from an on-line acquaintance:

1989 - The first vintage to contain Petit Verdot (though at 1%, it's barely a factor here). Despite a slightly higher grade than the 83, this is actually the only wine I
didn't enjoy. Dark red, but still bright. A smoky dark cassis and black cherry nose overlaid with grilled meat and smoky truffles. So far, so good. However, the vintage's dilution is in evidence in the fruit -- which is slightly canteloupe-esque -- and the sweet oak (more obvious because of the missing fruit) and unintegrated tannin fight it out without regard to structure or balance. C+


- Jerry D Mead - 12-20-1999

My experience with early vintages of Dominus (and I don't remember the 89 in particular) is that they were horribly out of balance to the tannic side, with astringency I didn't expect ever to soften.


- Absinthium - 01-31-2000

Unfortunately, the wine was never all that good to start with. The vintage was a modest one, and I remember the wine showing more of a greenish element that intruded. It did not have the flesh that the vineyard should show, and given its position in the Napa wine hierarchy, it is a disappointment. The Napanook vineyard has wonderful exposure, located just to the west of the Yountville Hills, and newer bottlings show why John Daniel liked the location. It will not become a more interesting wine so if you have any, drink up.