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- winoweenie - 10-21-2006

Another orphan that turned into a killer drinker. Expansive nose that had flowers, red and black fruits, spices and vaniolla fudge note. The palate had all of the different components along with a definate sense of the terrior of this great old property. Originally planted by Lily Langtry in the late 1880s this property was ressurected by Oliver Magoon and planted with all 5 of the Bordeaux varietals. Not sure of the %s but the finished wine is definately more Old World than Calif. Silky entry, heavyweight center and a killer 4&3/4lapper finish. This baby is just hitting its' stride and because it drank so well on release, naturally, I killed a lot of babies. Haven't heard a thing about this property in Pope Valley so something musta' happened to it. Great juice! 92/90 34 by the box. 11.5% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 10-22-2006

Found out on their site that they're the only winery with their own AVA. The estate consists of 22,000 acres, 400 which are planted to various varietals. Seems Orville retired in 2002 and since the winery is on an upsnort with a new Pres., Director, and winemaker. They have a wineclub I'll look into. Straddling both Napa and Pope Counties this can become a powerhouse source of great P/Q wines. Have lots of clout behind them. WW