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- wondersofwine - 07-27-2001

I'm going to have an opportunity to taste some Merryvale cabernets and reserves. Does any one have experience with this winery? What is your opinion of the wines?

- winoweenie - 07-27-2001

Hi there WOW . Merryvale with the 97 vintage jumped up and joined the Napa elite. Their Napa cabs a good wine, the Reserve is close to outstanding and their Profile scored an astounding 98 with the Beckstoffer bottling only slightly lower(96). Haven't tried any of their new releases yet but don't really think the 98s' can approach the 97s. So youse mite be goin' to a super nite. You didn't mention what the vintage was. WW

- RAD - 07-27-2001

Hi WOW--

I second WW's comments. Visited Merryvale on the last Napa trip, and picked up some of their wines, including 3 97 Profiles. Also got on their Profile Club, which surprisingly ships to NY (most don't). Had a 98 reserve just the other day as part of their monthly shipment, and found it heavy on the oak. The property and tasting room is nice, as are the folks.


- wondersofwine - 07-27-2001

Thanks for the input WW and RAD. I will be really looking forward to the tasting (Labor Day weekend). I don't know what vintages will be offered but I hope its vertical to include the 97's.

- Cellar2small - 07-27-2001

Hey RAD, ditto on the '98 Reserve being heavy on the lumber!

I bought 4 half-bottles for travel wine after reading a strongly favorable review on, and tried one at a tasting I hosted. We were all picking splinters from our teeth after we tasted it. What a bummer!

And a great weekend to everyone!!!


- winoweenie - 07-28-2001

Don't think you'll find Merryvale by themselves when it comes to poor performing 98s'. Twere a tough vintage tho all the hype from each and every tells you how they overcame the adversity. Bull-Patootie. Don' believe them dudes. I'm spending ALL my 98 money on 2000 Bordeaux futures. WW

- winecollector - 07-28-2001

ahh.... what a bunch of sissies! Didn't George Washington have false teeth made of wood?

- hotwine - 07-28-2001


- winoweenie - 07-28-2001

WC ole sapling, the problem is not just the wood, but the lack of fruit, high acid content and imbalance in general. There will be, naturally some keen bottlings, but overall this is the worst vintage since 1988. WW

- winecollector - 07-29-2001

Oh golly gee.... you guys were talking about wine? I thought yuns were talking about wood! <hee...hee...hee...>

Seriously, I don't plan to spend much on 98's either. I've been tryin to "ween down" my wine budget for a while, and have been drinkin' more wines out of the cellar without replacing them for about a year now. I've been concentrating on buying more "ready to drink stuff." So far, the only 98's from anywhere that I have bought in quanty, were the Rhones.

- RAD - 07-29-2001

Just returned from an afternoon up and down 5th and Madison Aves with the Mrs, and finished at Morrell's wine bar. Tried the BR Cohn and Mount Veeder 98s, both of which I'm familiar with in previous vintages. I was pleasantly surprised--deep, dark, very fruity, if a bit simple and grapey.


- jock - 08-06-2001

Meryvale changed winemakers with the 1998 vintage. The 97's were superb. Less impressed with the 98s. Not yet sure if it is the vintage or the winemaker.

New winemaker does not hesitate to "adjust" acidity. Not sure if he adjusts other things like tannins and alcohol levels but I am not a big fan of "chemistry set" wines.

- wondersofwine - 08-08-2001

I reread the description of the Merryvale cab tasting and we will be trying '97, '98, and '99 cabernets and reserves. Hopefully the presenter will be someone involved in the vinification and we can ask questions about how much adjusting or tinkering goes on.

- winoweenie - 08-18-2001

I'm with you Rad on the Cohn. Visited the winery last Sun and think that they and Arrowood have a fine bottle. Either I or Jock poted on the 98 Miura which is a killer wine, so as previously stated summers, there will be some keen 98s' but in nowhere near the profusion as the 97s. WW