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- wondersofwine - 02-07-2002

13.8% alcohol 18,741 cases $29.00 from winery
Nose of black currants and black cherries.
Palate of black currant, light smoke, mixed dark fruits. Although I'm not always attracted to Cabernets, I found this one very appealing and drinkable now. It is perhaps too light-bodied for serious aging. Not bad with a sandwich of barbequed pecan pork but could also see it with Beef Wellington or Beef Tenderloin or a mild hard cheese. Rather light for a hearty steak. Distributor says the winery will soon be releasing the '99's which are even more spectacular.
Winery home page has this to say:
1998 vintage softer than usual wine from the Rutherford area and of course pleasingly drinkable...Although properties to east and west of us were somewhat hurt by weather conditions, the strip of the Rutherford Bench east of Highway 29 seems to have survived quite well and produced a lovely vintage of cabernet sauvignon. ...100% cabernet sauvignon
1996 Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon won a Gold Medal in Brussels competition of 1999 and a silver at the Orange County Fair Wine Competion of 1999