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- winoweenie - 03-01-2004

1992 B.V. Tapestry. As finished as a wine can get. Great nose full of violets & roses and a killer finish. Would have put it into the classic range except it seemed to have lost just a tad of fruit.(Turned the corner) A solid 92. 1994 B.V. Tapestry.Great nose as the 92 but still needing another 1-2. Drinking beautifully and another 91/92. 1995 Pride Mtn.A real baby. Needs another 2-4 but has a solid core of fruit to manage the silky tannins.
Foley scores again. 91, with potential. 1994 Hess Collection. A wine with lots of muscle but balanced. Fruit driven and still needs 1-2 to peak. 90. Beringer 1994 Knights Valley. A really fine example of this super vineyard. Ready-Teddy with all components in place. Great nose, brite fruit, and a strong finish. Killer K.V. 91.
And the wine for the road 1997 Merryvale Profile. Not a whale of a lot to add to the accolades this hummers' received. Deserving of its' press. Lovely aromatics still evolving, an entry as smooth as Janes', center with muscle, and a solid 5-lapper finish. Even made the delay on the freeway
pass without one gripe. Needs another3-5.Kick-Patootie juice. 96. And then after the concert the Pradel Howell Mtn 1994 forgotten before, made the perfect get down off the summit wine. Deep mtn fruit flavors with matching nose, heavy-weight center palate and a surprisingly long 4-lapper finish. To me the surptise of the nite (or I was so high after the concert I'da given a 92 to Sutter Home White zin). Can probably stand another 1-2 with max cellaring. 90. Forgot the 70 Fonseca so we had our Port as described summers' else. Maximum Nite. WW

- Innkeeper - 03-01-2004

Sounds incredible. Don't know how you keep those notes straight.

- wondersofwine - 03-01-2004

Thanks for the notes.

- winoweenie - 03-01-2004

Crib on me shorts IK. WW(hehe) [img][/img]

- bigredwines - 03-02-2004

WW asked me to post on those wines he shared on saturday night.WW and CB sure know how to do it right! We had a fabulous time.I have been enjoying wines for about 2 years and yes it was the lunch that WW took me to that started my love for the Juice. Was a 94 markham, i will never forget it.never have done this before but here goes.1992 BV soon as ww uncorked ,the aroma filled the room.huge taste big wine with a long finish.nose stayed the same .definately drink now and enjoy.94 bv tapestry.lots of fruit,the longer it set the better the nose got.smooth. the hess was #2 on my list of favorites.just that classic napa like butter going down !my top wine of the night was the 97 merryvale profile.smooth as silk yet a very Big red ,long finish,oaky earthy and smooth.WW has a better memory that me.Sorry I can't post on the others but I was to busy enjoying the music,food and most of all great friends.

- wondersofwine - 03-02-2004

Nice notes, BigRed. Welcome to the board.

- winoweenie - 03-02-2004

LIB!!!! Him did post. Purty smart notes there Rickie-Poo. 'Twere lots of giggles.WW

- winoweenie - 10-19-2005

BRW and I had lunch today and I brought the last of the wines that done the sucker in....the 94 Markham. So far I'm estimating it's only cost him a mere 100G. An absolutely amazing bottle. Still as luscious as the 1st time we tried it but with a stupe-iden-dious nose
that filled our end of the bar. Still as alive as Jimminy Cricket. Can't believe all 8-10 cases have vanished. Must be a Masked Markham bandit in my neighborhood. WW [img][/img]