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- TheEngineer - 03-24-2005

Dark purple in color.

Nose of black fruits and was ripe. Tastes very fruit forward but not unpleasant, mid palate had a bit of mint I think that I wish would persist for a bit longer. Medium length finish only despite a lot of flavor up front. Occasionally thought that there as a bit of a bitter/coffee end, but only every so slightly.

- Toasty Oak - 03-24-2005

Hi Engineer, Is the 2002 Sterling the Vinters Collection or the Napa bottling? I've had the 2001 Vinters Collection and the 1999 Sterling Napa there's about a $8-$10 difference in price but a major difference in taste. Also did you like it?

- TheEngineer - 03-24-2005

TO nice was definitely the Vinters which was about a $10 bottle of wine. I've had the Napa which I think is a much better offering but for a bit more money of course.