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- winoweenie - 10-25-2002

I'm finding more excuses for falling off my sabbatticals this time than an Eastern Tenderfoot at an Arizona Dude Ranch with a sore tusch. At lunch yesserday wif' 3 buds and only 2 were drinking. Ordered the Merryvale. Opened, and I swerar this hummer floated across the table, grabbed my probiscus firmly and said you're gonna try me buster. Anose that was a combo of Milky Way, A dozen Americsn Beauties, and cinnamon toast. Well....3 bottles later it was unanimous we go across the street and order a box of same. Whilst awaiting the order-taking I spied the 1st shipment of Dans' Estate. After the killer bottle of his 99 Napa it seemed only natural we should compare the 2. Another in the list of sooper 99s', but at twice the price of the Napa, I decided to only buy a couple. The Merry rates a solid 91/94 at under 30 a box and the Duckster a 93/88 at a light-running 90 per. Maybe I'll wait till the 99's quit coming in to resume this stupid sabbattical. Seems the snake raises its' head daily. WW

- wondersofwine - 10-25-2002

Good to hear your report on the 1999 Merryvale Napa Valley. I have one bottle purchased at the Pinehurst Wine Festival. When we tasted it in September 2001 I couldn't really judge it because it was too young but decided to buy a bottle based on my attraction to the 1997 product. I went to the Merryvale Vineyards website just now and see that they are limiting online orders of their first Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast) to ONE BOTTLE and some of the other wines to six bottles (not even a case). The wines must be in demand (and limited production).

- winoweenie - 10-25-2002

The pinot is coming in here next week. The merry band is doing a whale of a job. Profile Rocks! WW

- RAD - 11-12-2002

Hi WW--

Been a member of Merry's profile club (reds only) for awhile now--get 2 each month. Haven't popped any of the 99s yet, though the zin is apparently a staff favorite. Got one of the pinots in the last shipment. Friendly folks too--