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- winoweenie - 08-24-2003

Yestrerday was meritage day. This blend of 4 of the 5 ( no Malbec ) Bordeaux grapes has finally hit its' stride. Wonderful aromatics that fill the nose with violets, jasmine, vanilla, some sweet spices and a ton of red fuits. Balanced with elegance the mouthfeel is silky. Strong center palate and a 4&1/2 lapper finish.A few rounded tannins lurking but can't improve much. Outstanding bottle.92/93. 24 by the box. WW

- wondersofwine - 08-24-2003

$24! What would the most recent release cost per bottle? By the way, I have some time to kill at Detroit Metro Airport so am using an Internet Cafe for the first time. I have used computers in public libraries before but not where you pay for chunks of time.

- winoweenie - 08-24-2003

The latest vintage I have is the 99 and it was 34 by the box. Not nearly the astronomical increase of the Cinq. Now released at a rediculous 60 per.WW

- amw5g - 08-26-2003

No chance of any more cases of the BV Tapestry (96) lying around, eh? My wife fell in love with the 98 on our recent trip to Napa and I've been searching high and low for some off-site. She felt it needed to age a bit more so I planned on picking up something a couple years older. Devil fo a time trying to find it!

- winoweenie - 08-26-2003

Hi amw5g and welcome to the board. Normally the top meritages are bought and cellared by drinkers rather than collectors so they aren't seen on the secondary markets as often as the collectibles. My suggestion is to buy some of the current release, the 99, and drink it for however long it lasts. It is one of the 3 best Tapestries, IMHO, since inception. You can get some at Hi Time Cellars if you live in a reciprical state. WW

- amw5g - 08-26-2003

Thanks for the welcome and info. I have found the 98 available from a local shop at $58/btl (same price for 99). Still waiting to hear from another local source, but it looks like I maye have to go younger and try to find some place offsite to stash it for a few years!

- winoweenie - 08-27-2003

You haven't posted where you live but again if you're in a reciprical state Hi-Time cellars has the 99 at 31. WW

- amw5g - 08-28-2003

North Carolina [img][/img]. One of the last bastions of purity in the country which means it (literally) takes an act of legislation to get stuff shipped in. I've found a couple places that have the 98 and assuming those locales can't find a way to ship to me, I have a co-worker in California who will take delivery then forward along to me.

A bit of a runaround, but worth it to make wifey happy on her b-day [img][/img]. She also really dug a 1999 Buena Vista Reserve Cab. I'm having to repeat the process for that one as well.


- winoweenie - 08-28-2003

Call 800-331-3005. They have everything you're looking for and are located in Costa Mesa so can ship anywhere in Calif. IMHO the 99 Tapestry is superior to the 98 and drinks better now and will age longer because of its' superior balance than the 98. Hi Time also probably has the Buena Vista. Good luck and a Hppy to your CB. WW (They might possibly have some of the 96 in their library)

- MontereyRick - 08-29-2003

I don't think there is any doubt at all that the 99 Tapestry is far superior to the 98. I just went to and typed in BV Tapestry and the year 1999 and they came up with 4 places that had it for under $30, including Sam's Wine & Spirits in Chi that has it for $26.99.

The 98 can also be located with but why, when you can have the 99 for the same price......?

- wondersofwine - 08-29-2003

I don't think we've heard from you for awhile. Are you drinking anything interesting that we should know about?

- MontereyRick - 09-02-2003

Yes, 1999 Ridge Coast Range Cab for $18.99. I'll start another thread on it when I have more time (been busy as you can tell by my lack of posts).

For those who don't know, Coast Range is kind of Ridge's 3rd level Cab and isn't made every year. Made from the same grapes as MonteBello and Santa Cruz Mountains, I found it to be an incredible value and available now if you look.

- winoweenie - 09-03-2003

MRickie-poo ole bean. Don't think Paul would ever use the estate MonteBello grapes in this 3rd tier wine. My understanding is all of the grapes used in this bottling are purchased. WW

- MontereyRick - 09-03-2003

WW old poo old bean ol ..oh forget it...

not what it says on the back of the bottle... Monte Bello and Santa Cruz Mountains are cabs produced every year... Coast Range (not made every year) is the 3rd tier but is produced from the same grapes (admittedly the left over ones) that come from the same 3 vineyards from which Monte Bello is produced.. I'll try to remember to copy exactly what it says if I get one of the bottles together in the same room as my computer..

As for the Santa Cruz Mountains Cab, it says directly on their website...

"Ridge Santa Cruz Mts
The Santa Cruz Mountains Viticultural Area extends roughly from Highway 92 in the north to the town of Aptos in the south. When Ridge uses the term "Santa Cruz Mountains" on a front label, a narrower definition is intended. The so-designated Chardonnay, Merlot, and Cabernet all come from vineyards on Monte Bello Ridge, whose cool climate and limestone sub-soils are particularly well-suited to cultivation of those varietals.

The three Monte Bello vineyards where bordeaux varietals are grown range in elevation from 1300' to 2660'. The three are divided (roughly, things change) into three dozen parcels, or blocks, each of which is harvested and fermented separately. Of these, the tougher, more structured lots become the Monte Bello, while the softer and more forward become Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet. Though these wines are capable of aging for ten-plus years, they are neither as long-lived (nor as expensive) as the Monte Bellos. And it's not such a crime to drink them young; the '94 and '96 are tasting awfully good right now, but will continue to improve for some time. As a rule, they show red or black currant, sometimes a hint of berry or cherry, cedar, cocoa, and toasty oak. This cabernet clearly reflects its Monte Bello origins, and is a boon to the impatient."

...and believe me, the Coast Range comes from the same location and more importantly, I enjoyed it very much at a very reasonable price ($18.99). I also bought a case of the 1999 Santa Cruz Mountain Cab last week at $25/bottle with case discount... havn't tried one yet.

- winoweenie - 09-03-2003

My mistake ole'bean. Forgot about the new MontBello properties they've added. Have been drinking cabs from the Santa Cruz area since I found Ken Burnaps 1978 Santa Cruz Mtn " Bates Vineyard " cab. Was still one of my favorites till they spilt the sheets. A long ageing, massive wine of tremendous concentration. K. Kennedy also makes some killer SCMV cabs. The price for the coast range sure sounds rite. WW

- raggedy1 - 09-20-2003

A couple of years back BV admitted to having a TCA problem on their property. With the concern over TCA taint, I don't think it's wise to be purchasing the 98 vintage. On top of that, it was deemed an inferior vintage compared to the 96, 97 and 99. AND, why would anyone in their right mind pay 58.00 for this wine!?! Costco had to clear them out at 19.99 as they sat in the rack for a year...

- amw5g - 11-12-2003

Finally found a place that would ship to my state AND didn't gouge me- $30/btl for a case, Not a bad price considering the nicer restaurants around here charge ~$20/!glass! Wifey will be enkoying the '99 for a good while to come. Thanks to all who took the time to share their opinions.

- winoweenie - 11-13-2003

Think you find the 99 berry,berry good Andrew.I'll start opening next year. WW

- winoweenie - 11-23-2003

Opened another of the 96 last nite. Coming along swimmingly. The nose has improved slightly but overall about the same as the August bottle. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 11-25-2003

I long for the day when I can afford to buy enough of one wine to open a bottle every few monthes to see how it is progressing. I'm jealous WW. [img][/img]