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- Kcwhippet - 01-31-2005

Hey, WW. I got some Kobe steaks for dinner tonight. We've had them before and they're really well marbled and incredibly tasty. Got a bunch of Cabs and I want to pick a really nice one to pair with the meat. I'm thinking of a younger, tannic one to offset the fattiness of the marbling. Got Lewelling, Karl Lawrence, Jones Family, Mondavi, Bressler and a few others from recent vintages (last eight years or so). Any thoughts?

- winoweenie - 01-31-2005

I'd go with the Jones family or Lewelling. Love them beer-fed beefies from Japan. WW

- Kcwhippet - 01-31-2005

Dinner is done. Went with a 99 Heitz Napa Valley. The beef isn't "real" Kobe, like from Japan. It's the same cattle (Wagyu) imported from Japan to the US, bred and raised by the Snake River Farms. Really tasty.