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- winoweenie - 01-01-2007

Great-Grandson over yestersday to celebrate Jimmys' belated B/D. They go to Vegas on the 26th each year to play so we have his party when they return. Started out by finishing the Chimney Rock 97 3 Graces left over from the night before. When the kids arrived I had a Mag of 2000 Viader open. Very accessible and surprisingly strong for the vintage. We had this with Jimmys favorite dish.... my Italian Steak. To cap the afternoon and staying with the 2000 had Arrowood Special Selection. Another surpriosl;y nice bottle from this uneven vintage. Dint pay enough attention to either bottle to rate them as I was engrosed in playing with me GGC. Today will be Veg-Out with the 70 Dandeman. HAPPY NEWS YEAR EBBERBODY!!!!!WW

- Bucko - 01-01-2007

And humbug to you. Sitting here watching the Rose Bowl while trying to get psyched for the Fiesta Bowl....

- TheEngineer - 01-02-2007

Happy New Years to you and yours and everyone and theirs!

- winophite - 01-02-2007

My oh my, what a fiesta game. How can I go to sleep after that, guess I'll have a piece of pie and finish off my bottle of port. Sorry to you Sooner fans, but wow! WP

- winoweenie - 01-02-2007

Well a fine mess you got us into Buck-Snort. Had I known you wouldn't seal the deal against B-State I'da stayed up but fell asleep contentedly when we broke up by 7. What a ball-game. Those kids from Idaho gots heart. WW