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- RAD - 08-30-2002

Big disappointment.

I absolutely loved the 1997, and even thought the 1998 was decent, so I jumped on a few of these, which are hard to come by here in NYC. Dark, dense purple garnet color. Nose of cassis, cedar, pipe tobacco, and oak. On the palate, some baked cherry, stewed prunes--general overripeness--and oak. Sturdy tannins and a mediocre finish. $65 per here in NYC; doesn't hold a candle to many other 99s I've had at half that price, nor ones at almost 2x the price (like the Phelps Insignia, which is mind-boggling). 86/79.


- winoweenie - 08-31-2002

Just a suggestion Rad-man. Leave these alone for 3-5 years and then come back. Can't beleive as releable a producer as Justin could miss the mark this badly. WW

- RAD - 08-31-2002

I'm sure I'll end up doing just that, WW--holding on to the rest. Couldn't resist popping one now to see how it was, considering how much I've liked other 99 cabs (Insignia, Phelps regular Napa cab, Viader, Pine Ridge Rutherford, etc.)--especially since all the Justins I've had have been fruit-forward and seem to be produced for the near-term as well. From my limited experience with them, they have erred to the side of overripeness, and this one just went too far in that direction, IMHO. The 99 Justification, on the other hand, is in my mind their best effort ever for that wine, and I'm sitting on a case (okay, 11 now [img][/img] ) for the itermediate-haul.