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- newsguy - 08-03-2001

can anyone tell me anything about the 1995 or 1996 Lakespring Napa Valley cabs? for that matter, anything about any of the cabs from this winemaker.

i ask because i stopped by a wine shop today (same one where i found 4 bottles of 94 gallo barrelli creek cab this spring), and i saw 1 bottle of the 94 lakespring cab, and two bottles of the 95. never drank any wines from lakespring, and never seen this name at this store before (i'd guess orphans recently found by the distributor). but at $14.99 a bottle, napa valley cabs from 94 and 95 are very tempting to someone without a cellar.

- winoweenie - 08-03-2001

I don't get to write this too often, but Newsie, I 'Haint ebber heard of this producer. WW

- Drew - 08-04-2001

Lakespring Winery
2055 Hoffman Ln., Yountville, CA
Phone: (707) 944-2475

The Lakespring name has always been associated with quality products. Since the winery's founding in 1980, the aim has been to offer small, handcrafted lots of wine which capture the lush flavors of California grapes. Since 1995, Lakespring wines have been selected and blended with the help of consulting winemaker Kerry Damskey, who has introduced important advances with new vintages at the Associated Vintage Group (AVG) winery in Hopland, California. Gerald Boyd has recently written that "few winemakers are as respected today "as Kerry Damskey.

Lakespring Cabernet Sauvignon
1994 Vintage
Wine Background:
The 1994 Cabernet Sauvignon carries a Napa County appellation. The Napa portion (85%) came from Calistoga (20%), from three vineyards in Oakville (45%), and the balance from the lower valley. To provide complexity, freshness and structure, Cabernet Franc was selected from both McDowell Valley (10%) and Sonoma (1995 wine, 5%). The 1994 components were matured separately and then together for 10 months in all in 80% older French and 20% new American oak barrels. Egg white fined, very lightly filtered. Bottled February ‘96.

Taste Profile:
Color - dark blackberry
Nose - classic Napa Cabernet aromas with ripe blackberry, black cherry; fresh & clean.
Palate - full, ripe black fruits, soft with a touch of firmness at the end.

1995 VintageVintage
Wine Background:
The 1995 Cabernet is very similar to the 1994 and also carries a Napa County appellation. It is 93% Cabernet Sauvignon and 76% of Napa Valley origin. To add complexity, the blend was completed with a very small addition of Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Matured for 12 months in French and American oak. Bottled March ‘97.

Taste Profile:
Color - dark red
Nose - very Cabernet with black cherry & black currant fruit
Palate - medium bodied, developing attractive polish; just a bit of tannin in the finish with a note of oak and sweet fruit.

Sorry but can't find anything on the '96.

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- winoweenie - 08-04-2001

Drew-Cleauseau strikes agin' WW

- Drew - 08-04-2001

That's right....I'm a trained investigator and observer, now where did I put my name tag?


- newsguy - 08-06-2001

thanks for the info. i think i might have to grab that one bottle of 95 and give it a try, then go back for the two 96s if i like. i will, of course, post TNs on any i try.

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