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- winoweenie - 04-29-2006

Will re-post the review I made on this wine from my posts of the 92s from my cellar in N0v. 2000." An amazing bottle. Completely opaque, deep plum color that has one of the more complex noses of all the 92s so far. The entry was very strong, with a solid center palate and a finish that wavers on the legendary 5-lapper.Red, black and exotix fruits assail the nose and follow thru on the palate.Sensuous cassis, plum, and cardamon spiceand add a huge feeling of fruit, fruit, and more fruit. The wine seems to be close to it's zenith, but has the soft, supple tannins to take it another 10 years. If it 'aint at its' peak then delibber me another 5 cases. Wunnerful bottle. All the guys at Sportsmans may post. winoweenie". Nothing's changed much except the nose is more expansive and expressive. This is still one kick-patootie bottle of juice from an overlooked vintage. 96/96.40 by the box. WW