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- winoweenie - 08-24-2004

This hummer just keeps getting better. Medium to deep ruby. No browning. Great nose of red cherries, red plums, cassis and a sweet spiciness almost like bakeking brown sugar. Solid entry and center palate and a 4+-lapper finish. And as usual with the buyers remorse... why dint I buy more?
Has enough sweet tannins to keep evolving for another 2-4. Atta' girl Gina!! 90/92. 22 by the box.14.2% alc. WW

- Drew - 08-24-2004

I get that baking brown sugar flavor from a lot of Cal cabs but could never post an accurate descriptor...thanks Verne.


- winoweenie - 08-24-2004

Yea Verily, but youse do the better job of spellin'. WW [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 09-28-2004

Opened anopther yesterday for lunch. Not much has happened since the lasst bottle except the nose might be getting more aromatic. Still can use some time. WW

- winoweenie - 10-30-2004

Opened another last nite for a friend who was dissin' Gallo. It's fun to watch a persons face whenced finding the light. Still developing aromatics but a real kick-patootie bottling. WW

- Drew - 10-31-2004

...and as Aunt Ester would have said to Fred, "Hallelujah you heathen!"


- winoweenie - 05-18-2005

Last of the Mohicans. Still maybe a year away but good enuf I really don't miss the extra. The nose has really bloomed in the last 6 months. Some anise, cinnamon, and high brite cherry. An outstanding bottle. No scoring change. WW

- newsguy - 05-20-2005

hey WW and all youse other cab hounds: has anyone seen or heard anything about the '01 barrelli creek cab? i asked someone from the local distributor about it at a tasting last month, saying "shouldn't that have been released by now?" and he said, "geez, you're right." but then said he knew nothing about it. i'm dying to see what gina did with the '01 grapes!

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- winoweenie - 05-20-2005

Hasn't hit here yet but LOTS of 01s haven't because the distributors are loaded with the 00 vintage that hasn't sold. The 01 Beringer PR is 6-8 months off here as the dist. still has 400 cases of the 00. I look for it to go on sale around next Nov at 50-60 per. Put the weener down fer 3 boxes. WW