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- ddf68 - 05-11-2001

Had this last weekend, courtesy of a friend. Lots of brick on the rim, extremely smooth, cool texture on the palate with ripe dark fruit flavors merging seamlessly with a cedary/minty note. Seems right at its peak. This gives me a good deal of faith in all the '97s I bought--firsthand proof (first time for me) that Cali Cab will go the distance.


- winoweenie - 05-12-2001

DDF68, Wow! This sure hasn't been my expewrience with the 78's. I've drank every bottle I had in my cellar over 2 years ago and found almost all, with the exception of the Diamond Creeks were going down-hill. The 97 Jordon I agree will go some distance. In the last few vintages Toms' winemaker seems to be giving the cab more structure. When the early Jordons were produced ( 76 & 77s' with purchased grapes ) and the first of the estate release in 78 the wines were targeted for early consumption and primarily the restaurant trade. They became a darling of the restauranters because they never got the old " This wine is hard as nails " return the bottle trick. As earlier stated, I'm surprised as the devil that the wine held up. Lucky devil youse. WW

- Botafogo - 05-12-2001

>>When the early Jordons were produced ( 76 & 77s' with purchased grapes ) and the first of the estate release in 78 the wines were targeted for early consumption and primarily the restaurant trade.<<

My question to them was always "You guys say two things, 1) 'Jordan is the Chateau Lafite of California' and 2) 'It's ready to drink as soon as we release it'. So, tell me, which one of those is true and which one is a bald faced lie???"

Good juice for restaurants, horribly overpriced.....


- ddf68 - 05-14-2001

WW, my source for this wine was also pleasantly surprised by its condition. I gather that he feels the '78 Montelena is the only reliable '78 to which he has access.

I didn't buy any of the '97 Jordan. I had been thinking I had overbought '97 Cab in general, but this wine makes me feel a lot better about things.


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- winoweenie - 05-15-2001

Roberto, you of all people. The merchandising campaign Tom Jordan put together for his new winery was not only brilliant but something I tried (with-out-success) in the carpeting biz. He released the 76 with fan-fare and as much glamour as wine can possibly have. It was sold out in 2 weeks(the original release) and the retail stores were just getting in their ALLOTMENT which was quickly dispersed to their favorite and most important customers. Like Todays Botiquie fellers . There was a major feeding frenzy to locate this gorgeous(?) juice, again like todays Eagles, Bryants , etc. Amazingly, there was FOUR more releases of this wine. Every Drop Snapped Up. Don't believe Boto Baby you can find any-thin' in my post relating to the quality of the 76,77, or 78, but I'll go on record as saying it revolutionized the way Calif botique wines were MERCHANDIZED. All of the 2-40 Acre operations in the biz today should pay a vig to Tom. Agree on the P/Q but that wasn't in the equation. WW

- Botafogo - 05-15-2001

Which is EXACTLY why I thought it was a sham: all sizzle, very little steak. And, it gave others very strange ideas about their wine being worth absurd amounts as long as they doled it out.


- Botafogo - 05-15-2001

But I think even Jordan was outdone by Sonoma Cutrer sending out ten page glossy brochures about the winery they were GOING to build, two years before they had crushed a grape. My bullshit alarms went off bigtime!

- winoweenie - 05-16-2001

Yes, but your B/S alarms go off when they open a new gas station.WW

- Botafogo - 05-16-2001

No scheise! I just paid $25 dollars to fill up my lil ol '64 Volvo P1800, was $18-ish fairly recently.....

- winoweenie - 05-17-2001

I had to transfer funds to fill up on the river. WW