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- Drew - 09-29-2002

Here's another I sampled (several glasses), that I was impressed with especially given the $17.99 price tag. Beautiful regal dark ruby in color and that distinctive Napa nose. Beautiful expression of dark fruit, moderate oak and great balance right out of the gate. I don't have much experience with expensive bottlings but would think this could hold it's own in blind tasting at twice+ the price. Was told it contained a percentage of Howell Mountain fruit. 14.4%Alc/vol.


- winedope1 - 09-29-2002

sounds good, Drew- like a cab I would enjoy. Did you get it here on the East Coast? I'm wondering about availability. Thanks. WD

- Drew - 09-29-2002

Yes I sampled and bought it at Midway Liquors on Pulaski Hwy in Baltimore,410-679-5511. They have an ample supply.


- winoweenie - 09-30-2002

Just added the lil' sucker to the cellar. WW By -the-by, 18 is a whale of a price. I paid 24 by the box fer this sucker. WW

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- hotwine - 09-30-2002

The current edition of the Speculator that arrived today gives that lil jewel a 92 and a "Highly recommended". With WS raving about it, I'm probably too late to catch it at your price.

- winedope1 - 09-30-2002

oh, rats. haven't read it yet. Thanks anyway, Drew. Will look for it.

- Drew - 10-03-2002

Verne, found another wine shop offering it at $19.99 before discount....that's what you get for living in a tourist area. [img][/img]


- winoweenie - 10-03-2002

BUMMMMMERRRRR!!!> ww ( hit don hurt the quality of the juice none!)

- hotwine - 10-04-2002

Visited three wine shops looking for that lil hummer today, and no luck. Two of 'em had the Chardonnay, but wasn't interested. Had to content myself with a couple of Italians.

- winoweenie - 10-25-2002

Well ole beanster, you and Laube are responsible for this hummer going to 35 a clatter and selling out last weekend. STRONGLY suggest any one who can find this goregussie bottle for under 25 to buy till it hurts. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 10-29-2002

I recently had a bottle. The cork was a bit pink on the outside which may have lead to my bad experience. I have another on the way and hope it is as good as you all have experienced.

- hotwine - 10-30-2002

Ceee-rap! Now the Speculator has made this their "Wine of the Day"! I'll never find it now...

- Glass_A_Day - 10-30-2002

All you want right here.....

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- hotwine - 10-31-2002

That's $10 over the price Drew paid, and $3 over WW's threshold price of $25. Plus shipping. Mutter, grumble.

- rden258 - 10-31-2002

I just visited this winery last week on my honeymoon. They are selling the 99's for $35 at the winery. They must have jacked up their prices before the retail stores! They were very generous with their pours during the tasting however. It was $6 to try 6 different wines, and they were pouring my half glasses of each. My new wife had to drive us back to the hotel after. The 99 cab was definately the best of the 6 I tried, which included 2 of their syrahs, the 98 cab, plus a couple others that were not very memorable...

- hotwine - 10-31-2002

Congrats. And be prepared to re-live many times the episode of having to be driven home by your new bride. Brides have very long memories, I've discovered. At least, mine has. (Today's our 27th. Yeah, I know, it's Halloween. Long story.)

- winoweenie - 10-31-2002

For any of you lucky 'nuff to live in Calif, Vintage Wines in San Diego just sent their current catalog and have this hummer at 22.99
Hope some of you can take advantage. I snuck in a double 12 fer pickup next week. WW The Number is 858-549-2112WW

- Drew - 10-31-2002

This sounds like a '96 Cinq Cepages debacle in the making. I returned to Midway Liquors tonight and the owner raised the price to $25 a bottle but offers 20% case discount soooo, I sprung for a case of the '99 at $20 per. He tells me that he ordered 10 cases of the '98 originally at a good price but received the '99 instead and sold it discounted at $17.99 per. The distributor then sent him the 10 cases of the '98 which he is currently selling at $24.99. He then ordered additional cases of the '99 selling at $24.99 per to be raised to $30 per tomorrow with 4 cases left until I bought 1. Midway offers 20% on full case, 15% on mixed. He tells me the winemaker formerly worked at Chateau St. Jean. Whew....Wine drinking and buying shouldn't be this tough.

BTW, here's one reason of the price increases.,1142,1168,00.html


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- hotwine - 10-31-2002

No kidding, Drew! I haven't found it locally at any price, but don't think I'd be willing to pay more than $24.99 anyway...not when there are so many good wines out there for less.

Dropped $500 on wines earlier in the week, so it's just as well that the Artesa remains elusive. If it was readily available, I'd be in deep trouble on the home-front.

- Drew - 11-01-2002

You're so right Gil, I don't normally spend over $20 per and rarely purchase a case load at that price point. My wine allowance is in deep doo-doo for a short time and Eileen don't have to know. [img][/img]