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- newsguy - 06-21-2005

hey WW or anyone else that might have some insight...

i was about to buy 4 bottles of '94 conn creek anthology from a person (whom i don't know) off another wine web site, for $180-$200 including overnight shipping fro N.J. to Fla. she says bottles have been keep in a passive cellar at 60-65 degrees. i was gonna risk it, figuring these should still be at their peak right now, based on WW's earlier posts, even thought these bottles have been at warmer than ideal temperatures. but now she says she just checked an even though the case says '94, she sees that the bottles inside are '93s. i was willing to risk this for '94s, but i'm thinking that extra year and a lesser vintage could mean these babies already on the downslope -- especially considering the hit they're gonna take shipping them (even overnight) in this weather.

any advice? i don't plan on gambling $200 unless i like the odds. i don't think the odds are in my favor anymore.

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- winoweenie - 06-21-2005

Do the Texas Tango....."EL PASO". WW