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- winoweenie - 05-27-2002

Kinda shied away from this venerable producer after the release in the mid to late 80s' of IMHO some very mediocre wines. I started buying again with the release of the marvelous 92 vintage. This wine again IMO hits the heights that they acheived in the early to late 70s'. A wine of tremendous power yet with the subtle nuances of a fine Bordeaux. Deep opaque ruby with a nose of violets, cassis, cigar-box, and a ton of black and red fruits. A multi-dimensional effort that blew me away. Still has 3-5 to go to shed the lovely tannic core. Finished with the one and only 5-lapper. Killer Juice!. WW [img][/img] 95/96 39 case lots on release.

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