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- njjchiro - 11-18-2004

WW, I read on another forum string that you were dissapointed (maybe to strong a word?) with Shafer on your most recent tasting. I am about to purchase a case of this vintage. Would you advise against? I've had this wine in 99 and 00 vintage and liked them both, so I thought that I would buy enough to put away for a while. What are your thoughts?

- Glass_A_Day - 11-18-2004

I too was wondering about that vague review, but I'm guessing he is refering to the Hillside Select as the 01 regular is already out and there would be no need to taste at the winery. WW????

- winoweenie - 11-18-2004

What I was referring to was the complete treat,ment of our group at the winery. We were given the generic tasting that is given to bus groups. I had called Doug Shafer and was assured by his assistant everything was okie-dokie and when we got there the only wine I didn't pour in the spit bucket was the SW. No Napas, No Hillsides, no Nada. When I got home I checked and had 4 asst' cases of Hillsides in the cellar along with 9 cases of Napa. I wasn't knocking their wines, only the fact that the tasting experience was the worst of any we had in Napa and this group all said they'd never buy any more Shafer. The 01 Napa is a fine wine. The arrogance of the tasting room sours it into vinegar for me. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 11-18-2004

Wow, guess Shafer is gettin' a little big for their own good... Too bad as I just got on the Hillside list...

- njjchiro - 11-19-2004

Thanks for the clarification WW.