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- Drew - 12-30-2004

Very disappointing showing. Dark ruby/purple and throwing lots of sediment as I find true to most Gallo single vineyard wines. A very off putting nose of sour currant and a similar flavor mixed with black currant, dark plum, black fruit and brown sugar. Couldn't get thru only bottle which was well kept.


- newsguy - 12-30-2004

sorry to hear that drew. my most recent bottle was back in march and it was drinking wonderfully. i have one left from my case purchase and will be drinking sometime in '05. hoping your bad bottle was a fluke.

- winoweenie - 12-30-2004

What is it with you and the 97 Gallos? I've loved all 3 of the vineyards. When I get off this dumb sabbatical I'll open a bottle and see if you got bad dist or retail storage blues. WW

- Drew - 12-31-2004

Lucky, I guess. Just think of me as King of the Island for misfit wines... [img][/img]


- newsguy - 03-06-2006

on a whim, i stopped by a local wine shop yesterday that often has older vintages of really good wines show up in its climate-controlled "fine wine" room.

jackpot! found six bottles of '97 barrelli creek cab. [img][/img] grabbed them all and popped one last night to go with filet mignon (rubbed with sea salt and black pepper, topped w/ bleu cheese).

it was the best bottle of this wine i've ever had. wine is browning and taking on the flavors of a mature cali cab, but still has lots of barrelli creek-ness to it: absolutely huge aromas and flavors of plum, black cherry & cedar, plus a touch of brown sugar and spice. finish kept going and going. still some acidity here, and more sediment caked on the bottle than any wine i've ever seen. at least a third of the bottle was coated black. but with careful decanting, got all but maybe 2 ounces of the bottle before the sediment really started to flow. i will treasure these last five bottles, and drink them over the next two or three years. 93 points.

and get this: since i also bought six bottles of '99 lake sonoma cab to get a mixed-case discount, i ended up paying $20.99 per bottle for the barrelli creek! as i recall, when i bought my case on release, i paid $19.99 per.

i think this find out drew-skied the inspector! [img][/img]

- Innkeeper - 03-06-2006

Since you won't be around next time we're down that way, would you mind posting the name and address of the shop?

- winoweenie - 03-06-2006

This suckers' gittin more press than the Olsen twins. Still love the 3 97s from the single vineyards. WW