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- winoweenie - 01-31-2007

Found this orphan in the cellar yesterday so went back to the 92 tasting notes of 10/20/04. "This beyond doubt one of the best P/Q producers in Napa along with Hess. The wine was a brilliant crimson, and had the aroma of brite cherry,vanilla,and soft spice that all came across on the palate. The mid-palate was solid and a very fine, long-lasting finish. This has been a favorite of mine along with the Hess Collectin(sic). Quite evident as this was my last bottle. Now come the shoulda, coulda syndrome." Well wish I could say that the ensuing 2+ hav e been kind but the fruit was definately beginning to fade. Was still a mighty fine drink but anyone with this bottling in their cellar should definately drink 'em up. WW