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- winoweenie - 01-29-2010

From magnum. BRW met me at the club for lunch yesterday so I decided on this. This old time, much maligned producer has always produced wines, ala Sinatra, his way. I've learned from experience not to look at his juice for a minimum of 10. I dint take the bottle size into consideration on this sucker. Opened and poured as I got there 1st and was like sticing me schnozz into an empty glass. Had my grad-son decant and then poured BRWs' glass. 30-45 min later finally a sign of life. An hour passed and finally the 1st sip. Muted red fruits, and loads of French oak. In the mouth pretty much the same with some nice spicy notes helping. Another 1/2 hour and it became drinkable. Bernie Portet learned his craft well at the hands of his capable father who was cellarmaster for 40 or so years at Ch. Lafite. I'll not open any of the 750s for at least anoter 2-4. Potentially a solid 90. WW

- TheEngineer - 01-30-2010

I agree WW, I've never fully understood why they were as you noted Maligned. It is one thing to be ignored but quite another to be maligned.

I've never been afraid of their juice and do but them in Magnums. I got a bunch of their '04's from the winery so I'll keep then sight unseen for another 5+ years.