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- winoweenie - 12-24-2005

Cathys' 10th anniversary wine. This is one talented lady. Medium deep ruby. Nose highlighted by chocolate covered cherries with some notes of cardamon. The fruit is still alive and vibrant with red and black fruits on the palate with a mature taste of soft cigar-box. Extremely Bordeaux-like. Not a tannin in a barrel-full. This lovely is dead on top of its' game. Should hold another 4-7. 91/90 45 by the box. 12.8% alc. WW

- winoweenie - 12-20-2006

Opened another yesterday after making my yule deliveries to some of my customers. Still as brite as CBs' smile and a beautifully crafted, balanced, and enjoyable bottling. Wasn't really in tasting mode or would probably kick it up a pernt or 2. No scoring change however. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 12-20-2006

How would you compare that bottling to her efforts in Long Meadow Ranch? I have enjoyed both, but neither recently. I think I have a 99 LMR or two in the cellar. Am looking forward to the next excuse to crack.

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