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- newsguy - 10-08-2001

i had heard some positive comments about geyser peak on this board, so when i saw a retail store had this cab at $12.99 because of a $2 off coupon from the producer, i decided to grab a bottle.

then i get home and happen to look at WS and see that they gave it an 83 and described it as having "bitter flavors of roasted bell peppers and plums." now i certaintly don't think of WS as the bible, but folks i'm not too crazy about a bitter wine. and don't even get me started on the idea of wine tasting like roasted peppers...

has anyone out there tried this wine? can anyone give me a ray of hope?

- Innkeeper - 10-08-2001

Newsy, have a '98 in the rack with an '02 timer on it. Saw a favorable review in W&S on it, and had an opportunity to pick it up for $10. Let's pop 'em both next year and compare notes.

The postive comments you saw on the board was regarding the '95 reserve. Unless you got a super deal, think you have the plain ole like I do.

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- newsguy - 10-08-2001


yep, this is their standard bottling.

you have a deal. 2002 it is.

and let's hope we don't come up with roasted bell peppers ;-)

- Innkeeper - 04-07-2002

We popped it tonight. The one year in the rack was all it needed. Not a great wine, obviously, but a much better wine than it would have been a year ago. It had distinct varietal character on nose and upfont (cassis, et al), nice heft and body with smooth tannin across the palate, and a pleasant finish. Matched nicely with simply broiled fillet steaks and salad tonight. I think this is an abject lesson that it is worthwhile to lay down a first level wine from a quality producer for a year or so, and then enjoying it at its peak. One of the better $10 American wines we've had in a long time.

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- newsguy - 06-19-2002

finally opened this one. plums, vanilla, cassis, oak and a little something on the finish that i had a hard time figuring out. kinda peppery (but not like a shiraz/syrah), kinda earthy, but not like a bordeaux. then it hit me: green peppers. now i tasted this without looking at this thread, so i didn't have the WS notes fresh in my mind. maybe it was in my longer-term memory though. a nice wine, but i wasn't as impressed as IK with it. i probably woulda had a higher regard for it if i paid $10 as IK did, but at $13 a bottle it's starting to get toward a higher price point and i'd rather pony up a few more dollars and get something i enjoy more (or pay a few dollars less and get something i like easily as much).

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