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- Drew - 02-12-2004

This is the best $10 Cab I've ever had. Run and buy a case. Dark black/ruby, not opaque. Rich, floral nose of cassis, dark fruit and vanilla. A seamless wine with great depth and purity, (I know, I sound like RP but it's true!). Rich dark fruit, cassis, cocoa and cinnamon with smooth fine grained tannins on a looong finish. A wonderful wine for little ca$h. I've opened two bottles just to make sure it wasn't a mistake. 13.8%Alc/vol.


- sedhed - 02-12-2004

Is that a small winery; is there a chance I can find it in fl? Sounds like something I'd like to try.

- Drew - 02-13-2004

I don't know the size of the winery, sed, and I've included the link below but the web site looks like it hasn't been updated in a while. BTW, Stevebody first praised the 2001 version of this wine which I still have some of and is excellent as well. The 2002 though has greater depth and flavor, imho.


- sedhed - 02-13-2004

I could not find how many cases they made at their site but WS has 1350 in 2000 and 8300 in 2001.

- Thomas - 02-13-2004

Something must be going on either with this winery or with its distribution; it is on sale at our local distributor.

- sedhed - 02-13-2004

Or WS is full of it.

- Drew - 02-13-2004

I took a bottle of this to one of my fav wine shops who doesn't carry the McManis line. After opening he called his distributor and ordered a bunch of cases. I've purchased two so far...nuff said.


- winoweenie - 02-13-2004

Tried the 2002 today at my local pusher. After an hour in the decanter this hummer climbed the mountain. Another muliple case ordered.WW(Scared the be-devil out of ebberone at the wine bar when I asked and used a spit-bucket. 1st time in history)

- sedhed - 02-14-2004

I could not go to Gainesville today to see if I could find this wine. Went to the local ABC store which is the largest chain store in the state by far and the only wine store near me. Asked for the wine was told they don't carry it. Asked if they can order it for me was told they could not. Asked if I could buy their over priced Opus and was told they could get me all I wanted. I said thanks I'll think about it.

- Drew - 02-14-2004

Hey, Verne, I know the stuff's cheap but ya don't have to be scared to swallow the stuff.


- winoweenie - 02-14-2004

I Tells' Um and Tells' Um but them dudes jis done listin, 1sr TIME in HISTORY!!!!!ww [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 02-15-2004

Had to wait till Din-Din to break the sabbatical. Believe me Drewski, they'll be meeny rivelets of this sucker down the gullet whinced I gets in form agin'. WW [img][/img]

- micpic8 - 02-16-2004

You are correct - this bottle drink like a much more expensive bottle than a $10 bottle. I tasted the McManis Cab next to ZD Reserve, Flora Spring, & Heitz and others at a tasting and it held it's own quite well. We featured it for a month at our restaurant and it went fairly well. McManis will get a good rating in WS and the price will go through the roof. Enjoy it while you can.

- winoweenie - 04-10-2004

Had a bottle last nite with some minestrone soup. Just enough acidity to handle the melange. A really nice bottle at 10 smackerz. WW

- winegurl - 04-15-2004

they have it at B-21 in Tarpon springs fl

- Drew - 01-30-2005

I popped a 2003 McManis Cab last night and it's identical to the 2002. Still 13.8% Alc, still cheap and still delicious.


- Drew - 09-18-2009

I want to debunk a myth...IMHO.
Just popped a 2002, perfectly stored $10 cheapie cab for 9 years that was supossed to only be good for several years beyond vintage date, and it was OUTSTANDING and still NATTOFG!. I've heard and read all the proclamations that 90 some % of all wines are meant to be drank within 2 to 4 years of birth...BS!!!!!! I've cellard many, many sub $15 bottles and 5 to 15 years they're "fenoaminala" just like this bottling. Concentrated cassis, dark fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, earthy tar, with a long finish and still plenty of tannins to carry this a bunch more years, with good storage, for major enjoyment.


- Kcwhippet - 09-18-2009

Spot on, Drew. We've done the same, and not just inexpensive reds, but some whites, too. After all, not all of us can pull as much $$$$ stuff out of their cellar on a daily basis as the Weener can. We've had stuff recently like a 2001 Hacienda Merlot, a 2002 Mietz SB and a few others like that.

- TheEngineer - 09-18-2009

Drew and KC, I agree, still have many a 2002$7 las Rocas that still work. but I think that when they are talking about the 90% rule, they are talking about the oceans of White Zinfandel and other stuff that ends up getting distilled for fuel.... [img][/img]

- Kcwhippet - 09-18-2009

Last time I had one of those was so long ago I don't even remember - at least 20 years ago.