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- winoweenie - 11-15-2005

Lovely brite ruby. Clean nose of hillside red and black fruits, cassis, vanilla, and spices. Seems the Bordeaux blend is still a year or two from peaking. 90/88. 39 by the box. 13.5% alc. WW

- brappy - 11-15-2005

Winoweenie, Can you explain your scoring? I don't understand the 2 scores.


- winoweenie - 11-16-2005

Brap the dual scoring was first used by the late Jerry Mead , a prolific wine writer, outstanding palate, bon vivant, and one heck ofa' man. He was know as the "Wine Curmudgeon" and was the father of this board. The 1st number is the score I give to the wine on the 100 point scale and the 2nd number is what I think the price/quality value of the wine is IMHO. WW

- brappy - 11-16-2005

OK, thanks!

- robr - 11-16-2005


Sometimes the Wiener will also add "laps" to his ratings. The laps are how many times he scraped his tongue against his front teeth after swishing it around and swallowing. Interesting, eh?

- brappy - 11-17-2005

So how many laps is a perfect wine. I can't wait to read a tasting note with a perfect 10 laps! LOL

- winoweenie - 11-17-2005

The quintessential of lappers is the legendary 5-lapper. I've enjoyed less than 10 in my ever-lovin'-put-together. WW

- Kcwhippet - 11-17-2005

About as close as I've come to 5 in a long while is this one.

- winoweenie - 11-07-2006

Had this for lunch yesterday. Slight hint of orange appearing at the rim. Nose still strong with floral notes dominating. Not going downhill as yet. No change in scoring. WW

- Innkeeper - 11-07-2006

A slight hint of orange on rim does not mean the wine is going downhill. You learn something new every day!

- winoweenie - 11-07-2006

When the orange starts turning brown then I get nervous. WW