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- newsguy - 02-26-2003

four bottles of this beauty just arrived in the mail today. feels like they're perfect drinking temperature right out of the box. probably due to the temperatures in the northeast, where the shipment originated. first wine i've ever ordered through the mail. what a great country this would be if our lawmakers would simply lift the moronic shipping restrictions that so often make it difficult for us to order this way...

now for the REALLY hard part: waiting two years or so before opening the first bottle of this luscious juice [img][/img]

2002 VINTAGE NOTE: saw on another board from someone who attended a winemaker's dinner with sparky marquis, that sparky said the '02 vintage MP wines will be available here in april/may, and that prices to shops will about the same as '01 vintage, no more than $1 or so higher per bottle. so make sure you get yours lined up, and if the wine costs considerably more than in previous vintages, it is the retailer trying to squeeze the extra cash out of you, not sparky or the distributor.

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- Kcwhippet - 02-26-2003

It came in the mail?

- winoweenie - 02-26-2003

Made my post under the Kiwi thread. Does this wine really deserve 2 different postings? WW

- newsguy - 02-26-2003


"came in the mail" was a figure of speech. more accurately, delivered via fedex.