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- Ev22 - 10-15-2003

I'm new to wines and was wondering what goes with steak.I have a dinner planned for my fiance's family and would love to make a big impression.

- newsguy - 10-15-2003

hi, and welcome to the wineboard.

you ask a question that could have a really long answer, and one that begs more information for a good answer.

that said, how is the steak going to be prepared? grilled? seasoned with italian herbs? with a red sauce? i'll guess you're going to grill. since you posted under the cabernet sauvignon thread, i'm guessing you want to serve a cab. so here are a few suggestions of wines that i really like, are widely available and work well with steak:

in the under $10 range:
cypress central coast; beringer's founder's estate; gallo of sonoma; columbia crest grand estates

about $15:
hahn central coast meritage; rodney strong sonoma county; carmenet dynamite north coast

about $20:
3 wines from gallo sonoma (barrelli creek, frei ranch or stefani vineyard); penfold's bin 389 (an elegant cab/shiraz blend)

if you're looking to spend more, we can certainly give you some ideas there, too. but i'd bet you and your guests will enjoy any of these wines.

good luck.

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- randery - 10-15-2003

With steak I have had and really liked a '00 Coonawara cabernet sauvignon (Australia), which others may consider heavy, an '01 Etim grenach (Spain)and an '01 Carneros Hangtime pinot noir (California). I think you will enjoy any of those.