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- hotwine - 04-13-2002

Picked up a few strays with this among 'em yesterday, having remembered that some of you had posted on the Blass Cabs over the last year or two. Must admit, very nice, with good solid fruit and only 13% ABV. And at $9.89 at the rip-off joint, it will probably be a buck or two less at the discounter, which would indeed make it a bargain jug o' juice. Paired it with a (shudder!) frozen dinner, a penne pasta thingy, since she's in Houston visiting her BBBS for a weekend of antique shopping; and even with that sorry pairing, it faired well.

(BBBS for you uninitiated = big-busted baby sister)

- winoweenie - 04-13-2002

How meeny times has she been in jail? WW

- hotwine - 04-13-2002

Heh, heh. Boy, are YOU barkin' up the wrong tree!

- hotwine - 04-18-2002

Candid opinion needed. The 2000 Blass is easy-drinkin' now, but doesn't seem to have the backbone needed for aging. Do you guys think it would improve over a few years in bottle?

- winoweenie - 04-18-2002

Hotsie, the ones I've had all seem like early drinkers. WW

- hotwine - 04-18-2002

Thanks, WW. That's what I figured.