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- bigredwines - 11-24-2004

This was a rare find on our trip to Napa. This property is just north of pine ridge winery in the stags leap district on silverado trail.They have been perfecting their wine making since purchasing the property in 1997 and have released only the 00 and 01.This to me is a classic stags leap district cab, deep ruby- purple in color.The nose has developed well for a young wine. 100% cabernet sauvignon cherries, chocolate and a hint of cedar.this is well balanced to drink now but if cellared properly the tannins will soften. If you have patience and can lay this down for 7 to 9 years you will be greatly rewarded.The finish is looong and smoooth! 100 cases produced @70. per bottle. this is the perfect wine with a med. rare filet mignon on the grill.I rate this a 95 with 4 lapper finish.also barrel tasted their 02 and 03 and they will be a "must buy" on release.This was #3 in the top ten wines I tasted with w.w in napa.One of the pleasures of collecting and drinking wine is when you open a bottle, there is always a pleasent memory on how you discovered it."I LOVE MY HOBBY OF WINE COLLECTING".

- winoweenie - 11-25-2004

A double thumbs up on this lovely bottle and to the people who own it. A terrific 01. WW

- Innkeeper - 11-25-2004

Terrific TN Big Red.

- Glass_A_Day - 12-03-2004

Just ordered some up. How would you rate it WW?

- winoweenie - 12-03-2004

A solid 92-95. Should develop into a classic Stags Leap Cab. One of the top 5 wines tasted on the trip. WW

- Glass_A_Day - 12-03-2004

Glad I ordered. On my cellar list I have ratings of all the wines and maturity windows. This one, instead of saying WS or RP, will say WW. [img][/img]

- bigredwines - 06-03-2006

opened one of these 6 months ago and was very disapointed.It must have went into hibernation.opened one tonight and it's got game again.nose is leather and licorice with a spash of stags leap dirt.tastes of dark chocolate,black cherries and licorice.finish is 2.75 lapper finish.tannins have soften.The only thing this wine lacks is a strong finish, but well balanced.I have only been into wines for 3 years maybe someone could tell me if with proper cellering and ageing could the finish improve.if so the scoring on this could change to 96.

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- winoweenie - 06-04-2006

This is probably going thru a dumb phase IMHO. Patience Ricky-poo will be rewarded. WW