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- dcwright - 01-10-2006

I recently saw a bottle of wine that was ordered aboard the Wild Goose which belong to John Wayne. All I know is that it was a Cabernet. I dont know the vintage, year, or anything, and would love to find out so that I might be able to purchase a bottle. Please someone help me out.

- wondersofwine - 01-10-2006

This may not help much but if you go to this website: and download the podcast from GrapeRadio about HiTime Cellars, it supposedly talks about John Wayne's drinking habits. (May not even cover the Cabernet Sauvignon you have in mind and probably costs to subscribe or download).
Another avenue might be to contact his family or former publicist or someone like that.

- robr - 01-10-2006

This was his favorite marina restaurant where he took the Wild Goose. Maybe if you call them someone there will know.