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- wondersofwine - 04-04-2006

This Cabernet Sauvignon lists 13.5% alcohol. Although the vintage is generally not regarded highly, I have enjoyed the 1998 Sequoia Grove C.S. and was willing to try another from that vintage which would maybe have softer tannins and mature sooner than the '97 etc.

Dark purple color; dense; opaque. Black currants and boysenberries on the palate with just a hint of licorice. Slightly grippy mouthfeel.
Improves with food. Decanting is also advisable. I paired it with a Boston Market dinner of Salisbury patties with corkscrew macaroni and cheese. I liked it better on the second and third nights. It was quite drinkable and probably worth the price--not a hopeless vintage as one might think. Some parts of Napa had less rain than other areas.
From back label: "extended maceration, aging in French oak barrels and bottling without filtration."

- Kcwhippet - 04-04-2006

I thought the 1998 vintage got a blanket bad rap that wasn't deserved for a lot of the quality producers. For instance, we think the Lewelling Wight Vineyard CS is a spectacular wine, and it was only $33.50.

- winoweenie - 04-04-2006

I agree. If you look back you'll find many 98s' I've reviewed that were IMHO superb drinking. Don't have a ton in the cellar but have probably 15 cases or so of what I found to be extremely tasty at keen prices. WW